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Scáth Na Déthe — The Dirge Of Endless Mourning

Scáth Na Déthe
The Dirge Of Endless Mourning
by Aurora Kuczek at 30 March 2020, 8:40 AM

In an intangible divinity, SCÁTH NA DÉITHE’s or “Shadow of the Gods" latest release entitled, “The Dirge of Endless Mourning,” finds a pleasant mixture of strange and spacious noise. The blackened death metal project comes from the beauty land of Ireland, and has composed music since 2015. There are only four tracks off the 2020 album, but each track has a length of ten minutes, never straying too far from the tasks at hand.

The Maligner’s Tongue” begins somewhere where the waves hit the shore and the birds call from the suddenness. It introduces the atmospheric nature of the piece, where the notes are played in the air, rather than on the ground of Earth. There is a quiet murmuring, but the voice fights against itself. A breakdown of particles, makes the strings of the guitar move as if all forces that taut it were cut with a blade. The drum pattern is strange for the piece, but it keeps the rhythm as it could be in the cosmos. However, in “Misery Beyond Time” the drums correspond to the pain aroused from the low empyreal. Acoustics and atmospheric synths make it seem as though the waves are pulling back all of the sand like pages in mythology.

Tremolo picking bounces off the cavernous walls, and the sounds focus on the growls of the piece. The ethereal format is again resounded in “Ochón.” The ocean recedes back centuries and the skies thicken to a murky grey. The cloudiness is hard to swallow, and the hairs on one’s back stands. Yet, it is soothing. It feels less lonesome than the rest. Similar bass tones and drum patterns make it seem no different from the rest of the piece, except this tune is more memorable. A thunderous boom awakens out of the celestial construct in “Remnant Understanding.” The track plays similar to Icelandic black metal, and the further could also be considered as such. It is higher pitched, sprawling across the rocks. Guitars are acoustically electric and there is more of a deepened feeling here, rather than an image as before. It ends combating lows with lights and the fair sublime of chaos fades into a river.

The Dirge of Endless Mourning” is a release of an atmospheric infiltration. It is exquisite at times, but does not have much differentiation from other similar pieces, as one would hope. Nevertheless, the feeling is much darker and on a pine-pricked plane of divine reality nested in chaos. It deserves a deep listen and thought.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. The Maligner’s Tongue
2. Misery Beyond Time
3. Ochón
4. Remnant Understanding
Cathal Hughes – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, and Keyboards
Record Label: Vendetta Records


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Edited 05 June 2020

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