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Scalpture - Eisenzeit

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 06 February 2020, 7:44 AM

In the past, the German Metal scene helped to spread Metal seeds throughout all of Europe. Back in the 80’s, only Germany could face U.S.A. in breeding new promising names as UK faded after the end of NWOBHM expansion (circa 1984-1985). But strangely, as the 80’s ended, there were few extreme Metal relevant names on the country, and the Death Metal invasion of those years lacked a strong name from Germanic lands. But today, SCALPTURE can correct this historical mistake, and their second album, “Eisenzeit”, is a massive and bitter puke in the face.

Their musical work could be described easily as Old School Death Metal, using a blend of 70% Swedish Death Metal influence with 30% from North American Death Metal School (especially from Floridian scene). But it’s not so simple, because their music sounds alive and aggressive (and not moldy and outdated), like a transposal of a Death Metal act from the earlier years of the 90’s could be playing with modern gears. Yes, they’re doing things in this way, and the energy and aggressiveness of their music is excellent, even using some nasty melodies in some points (as can be heard on “Hinterlandsymphonie”).

The sound quality is where things become great. Obviously the producer had in mind that these guys uses an old musical way, so they had to sound crude and nasty, but always keeping in mind that the 90’s are over and a good work could be done using modern digital technologies. Everything sounds aggressive and raw, but always with defined tunes and without the instruments sounding like a fuzzy chaotic mass.

The quintet shows its power during all the songs of the album, but the brutal and aggressive insight used on “… Ebbs into Stalemate” (very good slow tempos, with a strong work of bass guitar and drums on the rhythmic session), the nasty melodies among the bitter ambiance of “Und Ehre ist’s” (great guitar riffs are shown on this song), the nuclear fission energy that comes from “Hinterlandsymphonie”, the classical Hardcore feeling that fills “Eisenzeit” (the guttural grunts are really excellent), the Old School Death Metal outfit of “Hell is a Field in France” and “Yperite” are their finest songs.

This is the band’s second album, so SCALPTURE tendency is to improve even more. But this massive brutality shown on “Eisenzeit” shows a potential to be great in the future.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Storm …
2. … Ebbs into Stalemate
3. Und Ehre ist’s
4. Fire Flies Through Empty Skies
5. Hinterlandsymphonie
6. Eisenzeit
7. Hell is a Field in France
8. Yperite
9. Of Daredevils and Doughboys
10. All Quiet on the Western Front
Thorsten - Vocals
Felix - Guitars
Tobias - Guitars
Niklas - Bass
Moritz - Drums
Record Label: FDA Records


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