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Scaphis - Dissected and Fermented

Dissected And Fermented
by Allen Peters at 09 August 2022, 5:08 PM

 Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, SCAPHIS, has brought us something that it has recently cooked up,
Dissected and Fermented". Formed in 2014, this unsigned Death Metal group includes all of the typical themes. You know, horror, death, torture, and such. They pride themselves in their bio as “infamous for playing high intensity shows, articulating bleak and disturbing themes while violating many respectable venues.”  Sounds like you have come to the right place, let’s get started!

Self proclaimed frantic riffs, crushing rhythms, thunderous drums, and gut-wrenching vocals. All of this is thrown in the pot on one album, combined to form an unsettling sound in your ears. Recorded and mixed at Monolith Studios, the design and photography were done by the bands multi-talented vocalist,  Spyke Jagerkrieg.

Exploring the morbid, their storytelling is generated from somewhere deep in darkness with a melodic, but brutal performance added to it. Pushing the limits by staying true to what it is, the band examines the unspeakable and releases those feelings and thoughts through their amps. Ritualistic overtones blanket the madness found within this one. Their second album, two years in the making, this is another evil little COVID baby that popped out when the dust finally settled around the world.

Gathering,” starts out with its slow tempo, an intro of sorts, then they quickly get down to business with some serious sounds chugging along with a unique, almost metal style rap in “Broken By The Wheel”. It is only a very brief part in the beginning, quickly switching to something a little more traditional. It does a nice job of setting the tone for what is to come though.

The double bass is strong in “Let Me Out”. A simple slowdown on this fourth track, with a simple message, but it sounds to me like you may want to keep him in, he doesn’t sound very nice. The next songs that follow have a similar trajectory and feel to them. There is nothing stand alone or very notable here in the middle, just a little lighter rap, similar to before, in “Tower Of The Damned”. A unique style for the genre, I will give it that.

Flesh Prison” picks up the energy nicely towards the end. The middle of this one sounded like the jam band of death for a minute, a little long and repetitive. There is nothing bad, but my mind started wandering a little. We are now back where we need to be, the end. The guitar solos are showing up nicely in the final three track options. I think that the last track, the title track, may even be my favorite so far, give it a listen and decide for yourself.


4 Star Rating

1. Gathering
2. Broken By the Wheel
3. The Hunt
4. Let Me Out
5. Plague
6. All For You
7. Tower Of the Damned
8. Blood Eagle
9. Flesh Prison
10. Homicidal
11. Dissected & Fermented
Spyke Jagerkrieg - Vocals
Ben Eberhard - Guitar
Josh Rostropovich - Guitar
Ryan Koetsveld – Bass
Lance Vegas - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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