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Scarecrow - Amores de Vampiros

Amores de Vampiros
by Jeff Legg at 11 October 2014, 10:44 PM

Playing what I would consider Black-Hardcore-Crust-Punk-Horror metal, SCARECROW blend a little bit of everything heavy and roll it all into one package.

Hailing from Finnland, SCARECROW display elements of a lot of different influences, but in the end, they sound like only they can sound. For their fans, their new release, “Amores de Vampiros”, will be just what they’ve been waiting for and delivers four head-splitting tracks that pick up where their last album, “Flesheaters III” left off. Putting it mildly, these guys exude evil and it comes through fully in their music. With horror the theme of this hardcore punkish metal offering, their music is fast and brutal with just the right amount of groove to it, and to be honest with you, I really get the feeling that these are genuinely pissed off.

The EP, “Amores de Vampiros”, starts out with “Metalscum”, a fast paced, vicious track that delivers gruff, grizzly vocals, furious guitar riffs, and double bass drums that sets the stage for the remaining three tracks. “Son of Satan” is the second track and has moments of a more doom sound but offers that same brutality that you would expect from these guys. Track 3 is “Jesus, Lucifer and Me” and has an up-tempo MOTORHEAD feel to it. To me, this is the standout track of the four and is the most punk rock sounding track on the release. The last song is “La Maritza”, with fuzzy guitars and choruses that turn into an anthem-style, “La-La-La-La-La-La”, this is probably the easiest track of the four to sing along to.

Although SCARECROW doesn’t “break new ground” on their new release, “Amores de Vampiros”, they do show growth and maturity and, I believe, have a bright future in the heavy metal genre. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t sound like every other release that comes out, and you’re into the horror style of hardcore, buy this album.

2 Star Rating

1. MetalScum
2. Son Of Satan
3. Jesus, Lucifer and Me
4. La Maritza
Jack13 - Vocals
Ruho - Guitar
Anza - Drums
Hellhound - Bass
Record Label: 82 Records


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