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Scarlet Dress - Endless

Scarlet Dress
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 21 February 2019, 6:54 AM

SCARLET DRESS is a Progressive Metalcore outfit with its members hailing from Mumbai, India and Albuquerque, United States. In its true sense, it is a form of expression through heavy music in the new age of internet collaboration. With music that is fueled by ambient melodies, heavy breakdowns and intricate guitar riffage, SCARLET DRESS’ emotional hooks and hard hitting breakdowns appeal to an audience sitting at the borderline of Prog and Metalcore. It is for listeners who appreciate layered atmospheres but at the same time desire catchy melodies.

On the album, “Endless:” it questions the belief of everything having a start and an end. In reality everything is infinite. Will we ever evolve to fully understand that the lives we live are just a part of an endless journey through space and time? We simply exist in different states, physically and metaphorically. Every song on Endless expands on an emotional memory that one has experienced in his life. Each song re-activates various states of mind. Love, hate, learning, struggle - everything is Endless. Although every song on the album is finite, they carry emotional messages, memories and feelings. One could say that each song is a conversation with oneself. The album contains nine tracks.

“Onset” leads us off. A melodic but heavy entrance greets us, with a slow rhythm so you can soak up the atmosphere. From there, Djent guitar strikes pepper the landscape, seguing into “Nucleus.” It’s a dark and moody track, with fierce harsh vocals and a heavy bottom end. Following some dissonant passages, the dual clean harmonies in the chorus cut through some of the aggression. “Limerence” is another front-loaded heavy track with plenty of aggressive vocals. It takes a break with dual clean vocals that flow along a pretty melody line, and the returns to the chaos. “Rupture” opens with a breath of fresh air. The guitar line is still very heavy, but the clean vocals allow it to breathe for just a spell. The harsh vocals build a cadence that is very rhythmic in notion. The trade-off from aggressive to melodic is noteworthy.

“Words Whispered” opens with a heavy guitar riff and deep harsh vocals. Yet, in the background, subtle melodies dance around, lifting the song off the ground. The clean vocals usher in the melody and it hits you like a warm breeze on a cold spring day. “Interlude” is an interesting number…as it is only a minute long and hardly a breath passes. “Withdrawn” features Jordan Chase on vocals and the contrast is noticeable. The heaviness is still omnipresent…a constant chugging that pummels you over and over. “Evade” features Alan Rigdon on guitars. This track is a little more on the airy side, with clean guitar notes over top of that thick and heavy rhythm section. Rigdon’s guitar solo is tastefully done, following the melody line so well.

“Empty Breathing” features Josh Ford on guest vocals. Opening with light and airy tones, Ford’s clean vocals are welcome on an album that was pretty heavy overall. It’s a total melodic song unlike the others on the album. Overall, this was a pretty adept album and covered all of about what you would expect from the expansive genre of Progressive Metalcore. Though they are still getting their feet wet in the genre, there is a lot here to like, but just a little something is missing…that feeling you get when everything clicks and the cylinders fall into place perfectly. It was a bit mechanical and formulated. Still, an excellent album that I would recommend.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Onset
2. Nucleus
3. Limerence
4. Rupture
5. Words Whispered
6 Interlude
7. Withdrawn
8. Evade
9. Empty Breathing
Sushant Vohra – Instruments
Michael Rodriguez – Vocals
Jordan Chase – Guest Vocals on “Withdrawn.”
Josh Ford – Guest Vocals on “Empty Breathing.”
Alan Rigdon – Guitar Solo on “Evade.”
Record Label: Independent


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