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Scars of Oblivion – Misanthropy

Scars of Oblivion
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 06 March 2023, 9:26 AM

Reactivated in 2021 a four-year hiatus, SCARS OF OBLIVION finally release their first album. Taking off from the fastest Melodic Death Metal or smashing you hard into the ground with their Deathcore, they never forget their more technical side to proclaim, once again, that as a species we deserve nothing but the worst. The album has seven songs, and “The Last Breath” is the first. It begins with solemn, and slow clean guitars, as well as some melancholy notes in the background, and leads to a sturdy MeloDeath sound. It gets better as it moves along, with some changes in pacing and riffs. The vocal style stays steady, however.

“Blood Bath” is a shorter song with a bit thinner of a riff. There appears to be some minor phasing issues also. A meatier sound comes out with some guitar harmonies and the lead work. “Supremacy” is another shorter song with a blast of energy from the drums, bass, and guitars. There is some movement in the guitar riffs that keeps the listener on his toes as well. “Industrial Humanity” has some heavy rhythmic accents in the opening sequence, followed by harsh vocal screams and gutturals. So far, the rhythm guitars are the star of the show, ever-moving and refusing to rest on a singular style. There is a brutal breakdown towards the end, where some of the Deathcore elements show.

“The Sacred Lie” is a heavy, brutal and punishing song, with some melody in the chorus. The verses are straightforward aggressiveness. Again, the rhythms are ever-moving, and seemingly restless. “Fallen in Vain” begins with a thick bass line, some choppy rhythms, and another aggressive pace. “Misanthropy” closes the album. The vocals are particularly horrid in this song, varying from screams to gutturals, and everything in between. Much of the melody comes from the guitar work, and the leads are excellent here.

Overall, this was a promising debut album. I have mentioned this before, but since the days that followed after this genre was born, it has become overrun with thousands of bands trying to grab their slice of the pie. Many of them fail on the side of melody. SCARS OF OBLIVION smartly combine their brand along with some technical elements, giving them a keen edge on their peer group. The rhythm guitar work is probably the best part of the album, because they are always on the move. For a debut album, it’s good, but could be made even better with some more experimentation and risk taking.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. The Last Breath
2. Blood Bath
3. Supremacy
4. Industrial Humanity
5. The Sacred Lie
6. Fallen in Vain
7. Misanthropy
Marcos – Vocals
Anthony – Guitars
Adrián – Guitars
David – Bass
Javier – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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