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Scars - Predatory

by John Foley at 14 July 2020, 3:58 AM

SCARS are a pure thrash metal power house from Sao Paulo, Brazil and are local legends having been together since 1991 and this will mark the release of there new album “Predatory” which will be released unto the world August 7th 2020. This is a group of guys who have been around for quite some time and have really honed their craft.

The album kicks off with the title track “Predatory”. From the start you just hear this wall of noise until the drums and bass punch their way in. Then we get that guitar riff that leads into some full on thrash metal. This opener really reminds me of SLAYER with their musical execution and there killer duel guitar solos. A song that really stands out is “Ancient Power”. Opens with some sort of creepy sounding whispers and then straight into a riff that could easily match with the likes of TESTAMENT and gives the listener a sense of evil.

“Sad Darkness of the Soul” opens with this epic intro into this really bang your head riffing. The song is pretty slow paced from what we had previously on the album but does have a lot going for it like dueling riffs and epic guitar solos. This is a really strong song. “The Unsung Requiem (Instrumental)” has this killer intro but must be said that the lead guitar here is truly the star of this tune. Next up is “Ghostly Shadows” has an intro that really builds up the song only to unleash some thrash madness. It really sounds like LAMB OF GOD in some sections.

“Violent Show” is the final song on the album and opens with the sound of strong winds that leads into the band thundering in. Riffs that just kick so much ass and insane drumming. The guitar solo starts off kind of crazy progresses into something that really lifts the song up. Now the album doesn’t necessary end here. There are two bonus tracks with “Armageddon” and “Silent Force” which are strong songs and really add a bit more to “Predatory”.

“Predatory” by SCARS can only be described as full on pure thrash metal. There is a lot here that could easily be compared to SLAYER with their approach to riffing and solos. SCARS rhythm section shows real power here and with that I would love to see the circle pits to these songs live as I would imagine they would get pretty insane. With the guitar solos present on the album they seem to really be channelling KERRY KING and JEFF HANNEMAN which really seems to work in serving these songs. For all the thrash metal lovers out there this is one to check out.

Song Writing: 7
Musicianship: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Predatory
2. These Bloody Days
3. Ancient Power
4. Sad Darkness of the Soul
5. The Unsung Requiem (Instrumental)
6. Ghostly Shadows
7. The 72 Faces of God
8. Beyond the Valley of Despair
9. Violent Show
10. Armageddon (Bonus)
11. Silent Force (Bonus)
Regis F. – Vocals
Alex Zeraib – Guitar
Thiago Oliveira – Guitar
Marcelo Mitche – Bass
Joao Gobo – Drums
Record Label: Brutal Records


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