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Schismopathic – The Human Legacy Award winner

The Human Legacy
by Will Travers at 27 July 2021, 2:23 PM

Polish Grindcore outfit SCHISMOPATHIC are back with a full length release in the form of “The Human Legacy”. The artwork for the album is the perfect depiction of that statement. Silhouetted cooling towers, mounds of waste and a ghoulish figure seemingly dressed in a hazmat suit, all covered in a thick smog. Really an inditement on the fallacy of the human species.

Opening is “Intro – The Beginning Of The End” with the unsettling sounds of alarms and strike warning sirens going off with a countdown before “Faithful Slaves Of The System” comes stumbling into focus. The track setting the scene and atmosphere with a steady, deliberate pace and spoken word before erupting to life with aggressive vocals and an undeniable energy driving the track forwards. I want to hone in on “Technological Addiction” mainly because I feel that it is an issue across all facets of society, people glued to devices, unable to disconnect and be in the moment, or even simply enjoy the company they are in. Musically it is again an aggressive and imposing track that, whilst delivering this hard hitting music it also has some of the subtleties and niche’s that take it to the next level.

I feel like there is a theme with some of the tracking in this record, it seems to be pointing fingers toward the most pertinent societal issues of the modern day. “Single Use Existence” and “Landfill Site For Human Trash” are two such tracks. Both full of aggression and an atmosphere that just oozes contempt and disdain. Something that I feel is pertinent to the overall record’s atmosphere. But, more than that, each track musically helps to paint a picture. If I had to put a soundtrack to the album cover it would have to have been “Landfill Site For Human Trash”

I just want to hone in “Time Of History” for a sec. It has a hard hitting and kind of bluesy hook that just knocked me for six. I am hooked to this track, it just builds and develops until it’s sudden and untimely end and the final track “Outro – The Human Legacy” sees a fitting end to the album as it goes out in a similar fashion to that it came in.

Overall, I’m not actually a huge fan of Grindcore. BUT, this record is a fantastic advertisement for the genre, if people are looking for a way into the genre then I would suggest this And for those looking for a bit more, think about what your legacy will be when you finally move on from this life.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro – The Beginning Of The End
2. Faithful Slaves Of The System
3. Vote For Me
4. What Can You Say Then
5. Technological Addiction
6. Deviated And Devoted
7. Proof Of Ignorance
8. Single-Use Existence
9. Landfill Site For Human Trash
10. Cut Their Ropes
11. Time Of History
12. Outro – The Human Legacy
Adrian – Vocals
Robert Feledyk – Guitars
Jacek Biliński – Bass
Artur Janek Jasiński – Drums 
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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