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Scorpion Child - Acid Roulette

Scorpion Child
Acid Roulette
by Craig "Thrasher" Rider at 27 August 2016, 12:34 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to give you an insight; this time, on the American Rock quintet: SCORPION CHILD, signed via Nuclear Blast Records…on their 2nd new album entitled: “Acid Roulette”.

I acquaint myself with SCORPION CHILD; hailing from Texas, and on my first listen of “Acid Roulette” I was a little sceptical about the quartet in question…judging the fact that the title isn't too fulfilling for me, yet I still dived in and jammed to an exquisite slab of hard rock. This here band feature an extensive magnitude of rock implementations that corrode with ferocity – elementary fusions bounce with Metal and Rock influence, mostly spicing things up with a more high-pitched rock atmosphere, while tallying up a yet an unprecedented force of nature who excitingly express a defining moment in Rock history. Surprising myself with frantically-paced riffery that jams with precision, and frenetic immersion. Blistering with metallic consistency; you best brace yourself for some unique elements that compile with scorching excellence. With 13 lengthy tracks - you can guarantee that this deliverance of rock will get your arse moving.

Featuring a lineup of dexterity comes Aryn Jonathan Black on vocals who challenge a diverse array of Hard Rock vocals that radically outdo themselves with stellar performances. Christopher Jay Cowart on the lead guitar stunningly produces some fine riffery in the making that gives off that air-guitar craving most listeners need during a mental head-banging session. Jon "Charn" Rice on percussion, the powerhouse of Alec Caballero Padron on bass and AJ Vincent on the heavy keys…all produce some of the most intriguing instrumentations in rock history. If you are here for a rock infused Metal indifference; you've come to the right review. Noticeably, the genre: Stoner Rock can be sensed throughout the album, which is a nice fusion, and suits this intention well, in actual fact… SCORPION CHILD unexpectedly fuses most sub-genres rock can implement; “Acid Roulette” is one of those unique records that you'll find in 2016 for sure.

Lasting at around 45 minutes long…each track is concise and enjoyable. Songs like “She Sings, I Kill”, “Reaper's Danse”, “My Woman In Black” feature undoubtedly some of the most eclectic riffs, high-pitched vocals, mid-tempo power…anthems of stoner-based integrity that has some dynamic value in the mix; giving off that atmospheric feeling. The titular track “Acid Roulette”, “Winter Side Of Deranged” and “Seance” slow things down to a point where it accelerates into a fast-paced, bluesy instrumental. While the latter integrates an atmospheric entry, with a poetic view of some sorts…blasting into an influential BLACK SABBATH effect with “Twilight Coven”, Ozzy Osbourne vocals are evidently profound and brilliant. “Survives” and “Blind Man's Shine” continue to aspire indefiniteness of multiple sub-genres within “Acid Roulette”. SCORPION CHILD truly are unique and enjoyable.

Some really heavy joints that end “Acid Roulette” in groovy fashion…”Moon Tension”, “Tower Grove” and “Might Be Your Man” showcase some exemplary tones of enriching head-banging clarity. Concluding the album with “Addictions”…yet another exemplary track of bluesy; enriched musicianship…and an agonising yell at the end! Ends the record in stunning fashion. With that said and done, why don't you be the judge and open your mind to some enjoyable tunes.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. She Sings, I Kill
2. Reaper's Dance
3. My Woman In Black
4. Acid Roulette
5. Winter Side Of Deranged
6. Seance
7. Twilight Coven
8. Survives
9. Blind Man's Shine
10. Moon Tension
11. Tower Grove
12. Might Be Your Man
13. Addictions
Aryn Jonathan Black - Vocals
Christopher Jay Cowart - Lead Guitar
Jon "Charn" Rice – Drums & Percussion
Alec Caballero Padron - Bass
AJ Vincent - Keyboards
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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