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Scriptures – Ghostland

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 19 November 2022, 6:57 AM

From their EPK, “The culminating album release from Nottinghamshire Atmospheric Rock band SCRIPTURES, “Ghostland” is a journey through real world emotions, life experiences, and an ever-evolving world mindset - accompanied by harmonious melodies and crushing fury. The 10-song tumultuous production took place over three conflicting years, with songs written & produced by all members, which consist of the most complex, diverse, and thunderous songs produced to date.”

“El Nino” is the first. It has a soothing opening sound, like gentle waves. Clean guitars roll in with charming, ethereal vocals. The main riff drops, and it’s heavy and sludgy. The vocals stay delicate amidst the weighted backdrop of sound. “Red Agony” is a more energetic. I love that you can hear the bass work, it’s quite good. The vocals stay dreamy and a bit psychedelic. “We Are Creators” opens with a wide soundscape of ambiance and some positive tones in the music. The music is very mellow here with minimal instrumentation, until the heavier riff drops. Vocalist Siobhan’s “oohhs” are very soothing.

“The Resident” opens with quick moving bass notes and a solid drumbeat. Guitars sprinkle in along with ethereal vocals. There are some 80’s elements present in their sound as well. I get a THE CURE vibe in this song, mostly from the music. “One for Sorrow” is more melancholy in scope, as the title suggests. There are also some mysterious and tense tones working in the background. By contrast, “La Nina” sounds like a storm brewing, with light rain, thunder, and ominous backing sounds. Bass guitar notes start to chug amidst some psychedelic elements. It’s a dark and gloomy song, but the piano notes at the end are quite charming. “Skyglow” begins with some light electronica. The backing tones are beautiful, as the vocals continue their charm. Take this one in…it’s a slow burn.

“The Sun is Awake” sounds just like the title…a cheerful and positive affair with some minor notes here and there to keep it grounded. John’s bass notes resonate strongly with me, and the vocals are soothing and atmospheric. A heavier sound develops around the half-way mark, but the melody line stays intact. “Siren” closes the album; another smooth but somewhat depressing sound at times. The vocals are very pretty. When she reaches for the upper ranges, I get chills. This was a very pleasant album to listen to. At times, I get a throwback vibe to the 1970s, while other times 1980’s. The key to the sound is mostly in the mellow, atmospheric vocals. The music is soft at times and heavier at others, but the balance is what makes the album as good as it is.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. El Niño
2. Red Agony
3. We Are Creators
4. Polaris
5. The Resident
6. One for Sorrow
7. La Niña
8. Skyglow
9. The Sun Is Awake
10. Siren
Rob Roblou – Guitar
Kieren Douglas – Guitar
John C. Taylor – Bass
Siobhan Sands – Vocals
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Productions


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