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Seax - Fallout Ritual

Fallout Ritual
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 22 March 2019, 1:04 PM

Since the earlier years of the 80’s, Speed Metal had a crush on people due to the fast tempos entangled with excellent charming melodies (the contributions that ACCEPT and ANVIL gave to the genre). But it disappeared from the scene, in some cases with the bands from the genre being assimilated by Thrash Metal (like METALLICA, when the band earned a more aggressive sound format on “Master of Puppets”) or traditional Heavy Metal (as HELLOWEEN did after the release of “Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I”). But as the old school Metal trend that appeared in the second half of the 90’s brought back many forgotten ways of playing Metal, it’s not unexpected to hear Speed Metal back (just don’t come telling that you’re giving continuity to other works, because it’s a disgusting excuse for a lie). Although sometimes the repetition of the same old musical clichés can be boring, the North American quartet SEAX does a very good work on “Fallout Ritual”, their latest album.

Honestly, there’s nothing new at all on this album. It’s the same old and good melodic Speed Metal from the 80’s, a fusion between the melodies of ACCEPT with the fast tempos of names as ACID, CYCLONE and LIVING DEATH, but with a Hardcore touch. But the band has an interesting particular feature: the energy of their songs, and the uncompromised spontaneity that is shown during the entire album. They’re pretty good, indeed. Eli Firicano (recording, mixing), along with Jack Butcher and Dan Randall (both on the mastering) did a good work, building a sound quality that sounds clean and aggressive in a modern way, but trying to keep the simple and organic feeling of the past. The only sin they committed on “Fallout Ritual” is the instrumental tunes, that sound a bit hollow in some moments (especially on the guitars).

On their nine songs (“Fallout” is just an instrumental intro) they show a very good work, especially on the fast tempos of “Rituals” (very good melodies, indeed, along with a catchy chorus and backing vocals), the very good guitar riffs shown on “Killed by Speed” (very good energy and hooking melodies), the simple technique used on “Feed the Reaper” and on “Interceptor” (both sounding like MOTÖRHEAD were playing Speed Metal), and the skull smashing rhythm on “Riders of the Oldworld” (good work from bass guitar and drums). These are the best songs of the album. They’re truly good, making “Fallout Ritual” a funny album. But two tips: they need a second guitar to put more power into their music during live shows, and the vocals could use the high pitched screams in a sober way (they remind me of Guido Gevels in many moments). Evolving these aspects, and with a better sound production, SEAX can become one of the strongest names of the genre.

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Fallout
2. Rituals
3. Killed by Speed
4. Bring Down the Beast
5. Feed the Reaper
6. Interceptor
7. Winds of Atomic Death
8. Legions Arise
9. Riders of the Oldworld
10. Born to Live Fast
Hel - Guitars
Carmine Blades - Vocals
Razzle - Bass
Derek Jay - Drums
Record Label: Shadow Kingdom Records


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