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Seax - Speed Metal Mania/To the Grave (Reissue)

Speed Metal Mania/To the Grave (Reissue)
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 January 2018, 8:20 AM

There’s a thing I must understand about this tendency that many bands follow: the emulation of 80s Metal music. Those days were really excellent for Metal, the years when Metal gave birth to many different genres. But they are gone, and that old feeling resides not on music, but on time itself. Only those who lived that era can understand what it means to Metal history. Of course you can play in the same way of bands like EXCITER, FAITHFULL BREATH, CROSSFIRE, ACID, WARLOCK and others, but doing it in a way that fits in the present. You’ll never be like the ancients or bring that feeling back just by playing music like them, and this is the main lesson that North American quintet SEAX must learn as soon as possible. This reissue that unites “To the Grave” and “Speed Metal Mania” only confirms my words.

They play Speed Metal as those veterans from the past. Exactly how it was played in the 80s, what is a total loss of time, a thing that makes no sense on our present time. But I must state that they have talent and make adrenaline flows faster in our veins as they play. What I can’t understand (and it’s unacceptable) is their idea that they are in the past, with the same raw sound. I understand their idea, but they could have better results with a modern sound quality, because it wouldn’t damage their music, but make it stronger, heavier and even better.

This sound quality with raw and filthy sound trying to be like those from the past is their main problem. There are tons of albums with a better sound quality from veteran bands, and this is the way: a quality wouldn’t take their feeling out, just would make their music sound actual, and not moldy like we hear on the album. And if this problem already exists on “Speed Metal Mania”, imagine what waits for you on “To the Grave”

Songs as “Speed Metal Mania” (a fast and melodic song with fine arrangements), “Forged by Metal” (very good guitars), the excellent energy flow from “Fall to the Hammer” (fine backing vocals), the brutal ones “Nuclear Overdose” and “Possessed by the Axe” are the best songs from “Speed Metal Mania”. On “To the Grave”, the sound quality becomes rawer, and strangely, the performance from the vocals is not as good as on “Speed Metal Mania” (it was another vocalist who recorded the album). But songs as “Oldskull” and its good melodies, the power of the guitars on “Speed Psycho”, the good work from bass guitar and drums presented on “Crush Your Enemies”, the “motorheadian” feeling that permeates “Maniac”, and the iconic “Drink, Fuck and Die” are the best songs from “To the Death”.

The songs are alright (although they could offer more in terms of personality), but a better sound quality would fit better in their songs. I hope they can find someone to bring their music to the present.

Originality: 5
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Speed Metal Mania
2. Forged by Metal
3. Leather and Spikes
4. Fall to the Hammer
5. Wastelands
6. Doomsday Society
7. Nuclear Overdose
8. Evil Mistress
9. Possessed by the Axe
10. Speed Forever
11. To the Grave
12. Oldskull
13. Forces of Hell
14. Speed Psycho
15. Crush Your Enemies
16. Lamentations of Their Women
17. Ready to Strike
18. Maniac
19. Drink, Fuck and Die
Carmine DeCicco - Vocals
Mike Bonetti - Guitars
Helvecio Carvalho - Guitars
Matt Tomasz - Bass
Derek Jay - Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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