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Sechem - Disputes with my Ba Award winner

Disputes with my Ba
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 27 December 2018, 10:03 AM

Since a long time ago, when the political lyrics into Metal became a boring fact (due the debates they caused, and the consequences became dangerous for the scene), many other bands used the most uncommon themes on it. And themes about Egyptian myths, used on the past by IRON MAIDEN on “Powerslave” and MERCYFUL FATE on “Egypt” opened ways for NILE to be a pioneer of using solely themes on old Egyptian culture. Out of extreme Metal genres, the Spanish sextet SECHEM is another name that takes inspiration Egypt from pharaohs’ ages to make music. And their third album, “Disputes With My Ba” is a fine piece of music.

They play a mix of modern ways of Heavy Metal with symphonic influences and some Oriental melodies. It’s really different from what is heard on Metal scene, with a good technical level (without being pedant), and done with melodic female vocals contrasting with grunts, very good guitars, a heavy weight work from bass guitar and drums, and fine orchestrations and keyboards parts. And their songs sound charming and seduces the listener due the accessible melodies used and excellent choruses.

“Disputes With My Ba” was produced by Yossi Sassi (the former guitarist of ORPHANED LAND, actually working with YOSSI SASSI & THE ORIENTAL ROCK ORCHESTRA), mixed by Arie Aranovich (that worked previously with ANGRA and ORPHANED LAND) and Mastered by Jonathan Jiacobi at Jaffa Sound Arts (Israel). All the efforts were done to build a powerful, heavy and clean sound quality for the album and it is really amazing, a work that is near of what great bands of Metal uses. Even the instrumental tunes are sounding perfectly, in the way they must be.

Honestly, “Disputes With My Ba” is not an easy album to be understood at first, But on the second time the listener hears to it, songs as “In Search of Immortality” (a mix of Djent Metal riffs with Oriental melodies, but all works perfectly and charming), “Mummify Me!” (that has grasping harmonic structures, using very good keyboards and vocals), “Bird in a Cage” (excellent melodies, and a catchy chorus is presented), “An Epic Journey to Yam” (a traditional Symphonic Metal song, but again with accessible Oriental melodies and excellent work from keyboards), the charming Oriental Metal piece called “The Shipwrecked Sailor”, and the hypnotic rhythm of “Rusty Nail” will conquer the listener.

They deserve a lot of attention, because SECHEM’s work is not trivial. Listen to it and let yourself be drowned by the excellent musical work.

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. In Search of Immortality
2. Mummify Me!
3. Bird in a Cage
4. An Epic Journey to Yam
5. Sanehat
6. Horus & Seth
7. The Shipwrecked Sailor
8. Rusty Nail
9. Waltz of the Three Fates
10. The Doomed Prince
Ikena - Vocals
Pepe Raull - Guitars
Paolo Andreotti - Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Orchestral Arrangements
Marta Sacri - Recorders
Santi Urruela - Bass, Grunts
Jorge Homobono - Drums
Record Label: Atcys Records


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