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Second Season – Weather The Storm

Second Season
Weather The Storm
by Dave Nowels at 10 November 2019, 11:16 AM

First and foremost, if you want a detailed, objective review of your band's new album, it helps to provide a truly review-able copy. The download I received from the band was simply a “teaser” copy, that only provided 2:05 of each song. Incredibly frustrating, as it seemed each time I was getting a good feel of a song, I was robbed of the full experience. Not cool. Live and learn guys.

SECOND SEASON, a Modern Hard Rock band, call South Bend Indiana home. They've been at it since back in 2008, and have released a previous EP (Self -titled) and one previous full-length ( “Another Level” ). “Weather The Storm” is their newest EP effort via Pavement Entertainment, featuring only 5 tracks plus one “clean” and a radio friendly edit bonus cut of the song, “Staryboy”. The band cites a menagerie of influences as diverse as the ingredients in a good bowl of gumbo.  G&R, PANTERA, ALICE IN CHAINS, SEVENDUST, ALTERBRIDGE and TOOL. Keep that last one in mind, as it's the most significant. “Weather The Storm”, at least from the two minutes of each song I was allotted,  really comes across as wanting to be “Lateralus”.

From the moment the title track, “Weather The Storm” kicks off the album, the similarities to TOOL can't be cast aside. Arrangements, instrumentation and production all mimic the Los Angeles powerhouse. Even vocalist Shawn Caplinger seems to be trying to capture the melodic abrassiveness of Maynard's style. I could easily see these guys having done some TOOL covers in a bar somewhere in South Bend, no question. Still, the band does venture from this homage on two songs of vastly different structure. “Staryboy” is a Modern Metal/kinda, Rap crossover that's……interesting. Again, it's hard for me to determine just how much I like it from only a small example. It seems, this one is destined to be the first single, as there is a edited “clean” version included as a bonus cut.

The other non TOOL-ish track is the bizarre addition of “Hey Bartender”, which while not really a bad song, simply doesn't fit in stylistically. This one seems more Southern Rock based. Yeah….weird. On an album centered around TOOL and  a general Modern Rock vibe, “Hey Bartender” screams LYNYRD SKYNYRD.  What an odd experience. Everything about this review opportunity perplexed me. I think I really wanted to like SECOND SEASON, and I still might, but this is all quite a lot to process. As it stands, the album is to cluttered and cumbersome for me I guess. There's lots of talent here, it's just hard to savor it wallowed in the mire.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Weather The Storm
2. Staryboy
3. You Wouldn't Understand
4. Hey Bartender
5. Monster In The Mirror
6. Staryboy (Clean Version)
Shawn Caplinger - Lead Vocals.
Josh Campbell - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals.
Brad Fields - Bass.
Zakk Parduhn – Drums
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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