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Second to Sun - Legacy Award winner

Second to Sun
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 04 October 2019, 6:22 AM

SECOND TO SUN is a band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The most important musical inspiration source of the band is Scandinavian Black Metal along with creations of Groove Metal bands PANTERA and FEAR FACTORY. Their songs are performed in Russian language or in instrumental versions, and the main lyrical themes for the songs are mystic, mythology and social decay. They present now their seventh full-length album, titled “Legacy,” which contains seven new tracks.

“Devil” opens the album, with tortured screams. The main riff drops and it’s powerful and commanding. The vocals are absolutely harrowing, but there is this nice background ambiance as well. “Confessional of the Black Penitent” shows an experimental type of Black Metal, with unconventional chord structures, but the vocals rage like a fire fueled by a never-ending supply of gasoline and are varied in delivery. “Pages for a Manuscript” is the longest song on the album, coming in at over ten minutes in length. Alternating passages of intense music and more atmospheric leanings make for a creative piece. The slower, more ambient sections of the song are actually quite beautiful, and make for a doleful, lonely existence.

“Monster” features some organs and has a frightening and ominous sound, like watching the organist rot to a corpse in front of your eyes, and the entire congregation turn to undead zombies. You wonder…is this a dream, or reality? You try desperately to wake up, but you are stuck in purgatory forever. “No Need to be Afraid Now” opens with some spoken words…in Russian. A siren sounds…announcing the end. The music is downright scary, and you are afraid that playing one more second might summon a demon from the lower plains of hell. Again, the combination of the aggressive elements and the more ambient ones is brilliant. “Once Upon a Time in Russia” features some mid-tempo elements and some fantastic guitar work. This band knows how to create truly scary music. The sequences if you listen closely are marked by seasoned songwriters and work so perfectly with the vocals.

“Raida” closes the album. It opens slowly, and cautiously, before the main riff hits, hard and powerfully. The vocals are a never-ending energizer bunny…screaming at the top of his lungs until they cease to exist no more. The energy here is incredible, until it takes a pause just after the half-way mark, and then the melody flows through you, ending in a fade-out of beauty and desperation. This was an amazing album. The intensity is real, yet it lets up enough to highlight the more ambient moments. Skillfully done, they combine rageful Black Metal with their own personal blend of mysticism to create something truly unique and special. Will someone please sign this band?

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Devil
2. Confessional of the Black Penitent
3. Pages for a Manuscript
4. Monster
5. No Need to be Afraid Now
6. Once upon a Time in Russia
7. Raida
Vladimir Lehtinen – Guitars, Bass
Theodor Borovsky – Drums
Gleb Sysoev – Vocals
Maxim – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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