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Secret Of Darkness - (In)Humanity

Secret Of Darkness
by Manel Lilioth at 16 May 2013, 1:14 PM

From Czech Republic came era of a sovereign strength to condensate of civilization which crossed Varnsdorf moors for centuries built up itself in a devastating musicality. SECRET OF DARKNESS stands ontologically in a structure that evolves out of our time. Its genesis lies in a metaphoric fusion uniting the Czech republican unsuspected coolness and the transcendental echo of a black marsh. By releasing their debut album "(In)Humanity" through Metalgate Production, the band concretely took shape and defines his sound as melodic Black Metal which is  conveying its empirical aspect.

Man’s inhumanity to others makes countless thousands mourn. That’s all what is about the atrocity of humankind summarized in ten tracks mostly playing in 3 and 4 minutes: “The World (Origin)” a short atmospheric dark marsh a prelude for what is coming after Votja's growled technical vocals that impresses me from the beginning in “The Sovereign” full with Death elements, it has atypical rhythms and unusual harmonies and melodies. “Small Of Lies” has particular the fast riffing and harmonic guitar lines also influenced by fast double-bass drum patterns and sometimes blast beats characteristic Black Metal element. “Desolated Dreams” has a different impact as blackened doom song, it start with melodic violin strings and slow acoustic riffs and progressively turns to their defined rhythm of “Self Insurrection”. At the end, they close with a bonus track called “Katharsis” the passion of a dramatic representation on heavy and dark way.

"(In)Humanity" was a fine release, if they continue under this root; they have the chance to become one of the top in modern Metal world. 

3 Star Rating

1. The world (origin)
2. The Sovereign
3. Smell Of Lies
4. Destroyed Illusion
5. Voices Of Truth
6. On The Other Side
7. No Night, No Day
8. Desolate Dreams
9. Self Insurrection
10. Katharsis
Vojta - Vocals
David – Guitars
Honza – Guitars
Deemon - Bass
Ondra – Drums
Record Label: Metalgate Production


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