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Secret Rule - The 7 Endless

Secret Rule
The 7 Endless
by John Paul Romero at 21 January 2019, 5:24 AM

SECRET RULE unleashes yet another promising album this 2019 called “The 7 Endless” via Pride and Joy music. The album has eleven-track with 49 minutes of playing time. If you are familiar with this band, you would expect big melodies and catchy powerful rhythms from this album. And you would be correct, as the album is exactly all about that.

Like every single symphonic metal band in the world, SECRET RULE relied heavily on powerful symphonies in providing a bright, elegant and energetic appeal to their sound. However, although entirely sugarcoated with grandeur of symphonies, beneath this layer of sound is a mediocre musicianship and lyricism. The riffs are nothing but common, textbook riffs with sounds that you could hear almost exclusively in any gothic/power metal band nowadays. In terms of catchiness, well, they did a good job on that. The songs have a fairly good buildup that would always keep the excitement alive. But when the first punch of the chorus subsides, that’s it. It gets boring from there on, and nothing really remains in you. It is also weird that the 49 minutes of playing time feels so long.

Besides all these flaws, there are good moments in the album that are worth mentioning. The song “Destiny” is a remarkable entry. The song is a very noticeable similarity with BEYOND THE BLACK, with a series of galloping drum rolls and pretty good riffs. It is also a bit proggy in terms of sound and overall vibe. Besides this good song, nothing in the album really came big an amazed me. I’m not saying that this album sucks, it simply falls too short in almost every department – memorability, energy, catchiness, production, songwriting, etc. The album nonetheless is enjoyable, but as I already said, it was a rather mediocre release.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. The Endless
2. Birth
3. Dream
4. Desire
5. Alone
6. Destiny
7. Hidden Into A Dream
8. Desperation
9. Delirium
10. Destruction
11. The Awakening
Angela Di Vincenzo – Vocals
Andy Menario – Guitar/Keyboards
Michele Raspanti – Bass
Nicola Corrente – Drums
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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