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Secret Society - The Induction Award winner

Secret Society
The Induction
by Tatianny Ruiz at 24 June 2018, 1:55 PM

 SECRET SOCIETY. Finally came the moment to unveil the secrets of this work that ran with all possible mystery and is attended by powerful names such as Rick Altzi, former METAL CHURCH vocalist Ronny Munroe, Troy Norr, Paul Sabu and Joe Basketts. We are talking about "The Induction", and again we find the name "telum ignotum" a collaboration with producer and mixing engineer Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND) with Sonic Train Studio, but this is undoubtedly a great Swedish mystery and all we get is the name of the vocalists in question.  So a sweet and evil fog runs over this enigmatic release that dances on the best lines of the Metal in a masterful way.

All we know is that the supposed person (let's not break the mystery, right) took a year and a half to write the five songs on the album and it does not take much to realize how powerful they all are and the high power of immersion is in the line of powerful names like DIO and ACCEPT. So with this description and a cover of the Metal's powerful reign we take the start with the fulminating Ronny Munroe raising the vocals to the sky and growling in "The Induction - Broken Crutch" and you can be sure that between stupendous riffs and ripped solos added to drums and pulsing bass you still have a powerful chorus interlocking all the melody, so if you are metal lover in the best mood this is the perfect start, and this could fit METAL CHURCH without any problem.

And we already have a great atmosphere until the next song arrives with a vocalist who seems out of place at the beginning but who gains an effective resourcefulness in the general analysis.  We speak of Paul Sabu that deals with vocals in "Monsters" and normally Sabu can be found as singer and composer of the melodic genre and AOR. Paul Sabu is the topic that runs through this EP, since his vocals can be heard in all five songs. "Broken By Design" is a nice and scary track and the orbit that revolves around the melody reminds me so much of the mighty master DIO. The addition of keyboards gives the music a little more melancholy and reminds me of another name that usually follows, Tony Martin, and we can be sure that Joe Basketts really raises this song.  This boy has a future for sure.

"Waysted" where Troy Norr (COLDSTEEL, THEM) deals with the main vocals has more melodious lines but closes with glory.  This work is full of mysteries.  The choirs in intimidating rhythm complete the call rite for this small but significant album.  It is really curious what can save the accomplishment of this work but anyway we can expect that other works are released with the same quality, after all … we do not need names and faces, only the good and dignified metal. Glorious highlight for "Mental Mayhem".

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Induction - Broken Crutch
2. Monsters
3. Mental Mayhem
4. Broken By Design
5. Waysted
Rick Altzi - Vocals
Ronny Munroe - Vocals
Troy Norr - Vocals
Paul Sabu - Vocals
Joe Basketts - Vocals
Andy LaRocque & Sonic Train Studio
Record Label: Independent


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