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Secret Sphere - Heart & Anger (CD)

Secret Sphere
Heart & Anger
by Grigoris Chronis at 05 April 2005, 9:38 PM

An Italian band with four males and two females releasing an album under the Nuclear Blast label. Hmmm… The cover features a rose, among other objects… I'm already suspicious as to what's inside this release. You don't have to come with a PhD in human psychology these days to judge the music from the cover, the label, the number of women in the lineup or the haircut style.
The Album is one of the most powerful and melodic of Secret Sphere, with symphonic parts performed by 'Secret Symphony Orchestra', born for this special occasion, 50 classical musicians, some of them from 'Alla Scala' theatre, Milan, reads a news thread on the band's official site. Should I say more? Imagine the following: Edguy go to the movies with Nightwish, at the ticket kiosk (sic) they bump into Rhapsody and half of the other Italian prog/symphonic bands plus Stratovarius; all together go for a round of Pop Corn before the movie starts.
The musicians seem experienced; a general aura of symponicism (if this term exists in the English vocabulary…) and some excerpts of progressiveness are spread all over the place. Crystal clear plastic production, double bass drumming etc etc etc… You know the ingredients.
For the faithful, Secret Sphere is another very good band. For the ignorant: if you don't like bands like the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph's movie trailer, don't even think about it! I just paid my dudes…

3 Star Rating

Where The Sea Ends
First Snake
Loud & Raw
Dance With The Devil
Set Me Free
I Won't Say A Word
Lights On
Leonardo Da Vinci
You Still Remain
Bad Blood
No Reason Why
Faster Than The Storm
Andrea Buratto - Bass
Paolo paco Gianotti - Guitars
Luca Cartasegna - Drums
Ramon - Vocals
Antonio Agate - Keyboards
Aldo Lonobile - Lead guitars
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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