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Secutor – Executor

by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 28 January 2020, 11:37 AM

Hailing from Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany come SECUTOR. The band have been together since 2008 and this is their second full-length release following the 2016 release of Stand Defiant on Coffin Filth Records. As well as their initial demo in 2013, Thrash or Die also on Coffin Filth Records. “Into Danger” does not hold back upon its stat, just goes full Thrash mode with a great instrumental melody, which in balanced out perfectly by the vocals, this helps to dictate the pace. It is a decent start to the album, high levels of effort and sound all round, which creates a brilliant song. There is so many Thrash bands that would love a song like this; these guys obviously have their influences, Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Thrash. However, this song feels like it is their own style, not a borrowed one, which is a great thing for any band.

Destination Intoxication” still holds nothing back, it feels very 80’s to early 90’s Heavy Metal. Feels like old school MANOWAR with the partying if ANDREW W.K. it is a good mix. The melodies are somewhat subdued with the vocals being a louder presence. However, they do have some great technical segments in the song, which are very well executed. Very much a drinking song “Between Gods and Man” starts with a progressive intro, taking us into the song slowly. As it’s a longer song we’re expecting a few changes of styles. It is taking a while to get the pace going in the song, feels more of a slow ballad pace. The song even slows down to almost acoustic midway through the song. The technical play is very good to hear, they are good at what they do, but pace is severely lacking.  Could have had a few solos towards the end or ended on a frenzied, but they closed it as they started

Fire in the Hole” regains speed and pace from the off. The overall sound has become more like the 80’s and 90’s generic sound of Heavy Metal. The problem here is that this could be from nay band, there is very little difference to this and other sounds from that era. The technical guitar is different, the odd segments are very much welcomed, but do not seem to get enough attention solely on them. This being said, there is nothing wrong with the song, it will blend into a Heavy Metal or Hard Rock playlist easily. “Executor” starts with a sample with chants of their name, nicely picked. Pace has picked up as well, so it is a solid start. The pace seems to fade away as the vocals become louder and the guitars fade away, which is an unfortunate repeating trait. The guitars do then get their time to shine, they do get a good chunk of the song to show what they can do, which is a welcomed changed, so I take back the repeating issue comment.

Whiskeytrain” starts with a catchy beat as a progressive intro. It does not expand once vocals hit, which I thought it would, if anything it backs down slightly. It really does not seem like the song is going anywhere. It needs a flourish of guitar badly. The guitar section is too short and fails to make any real impact. “Speedkings” has a decent speed to it, now that the album has settled into Hard Rock sounds I no longer expect Thrash-pace solos. The vocals, both backing and lead work well together to bring out the melody, even if the song doesn’t change, what they seemingly set off to do, they have done. “Strung Out” is a STEELPREACHER song, the original is fast paced from the off and has Mu on drums as that is also his band. Therefore, we would be expecting a similar paced song. From the start there is little-to-no difference in pace and sound, excluding the obvious vocals differences. The solo is exactly the same ad this kinda solo is what the album needs more of. It does the original song proud.

Shapeshifter” continues the good speed laid down from “Strung Out”, the song seems to have a better band harmony, working together and at the same volume. The song clearly benefits from teamwork. It is faster than most songs on here but has a good amount of control inserted to balance all aspects out and create a great song.  The sound maybe progressive, but it works to get to a great end, the guitars have solo work which has been sorely missed and make this song so much better from a 4 to a 5. “To the Gallows” has a short air horn sampler added, but does not last long enough to be of any use. Seems  like it has gone back to the slower paces. This song seems like a closer, doesn’t get up to a good pace, just keep tempo up to a level where it feels like it needs to go up a gear. “Shapeshifter” would have been a better close.

This genre style of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal is not for everyone. If it is for you, then I do not intend to insult your tastes. It is booked as a Thrash Album, it is not, the melodies range from great to mediocre. So, with that in mind it doesn’t score highly, but it scores well enough based on what they did well

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Into Danger
2. Destination Intoxication
3. Between Gods and Man
4. Fire in the Hole
5. Executor
6. Whiskeytrain
7. Speedkings
8. Strung Out (STEELPREACHER Cover)
9. Shapeshifter
10. To the Gallows
Peter Cüsters – Lead Vocals
Fabio – Guitars (Rhythm)
Tobias Best aka Dobby – Bass Guitar
Fömb – Guitars (Lead)
A. Hübinger aka Mu – Drums
Record Label: A Chance for Metal


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Edited 28 January 2021

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