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Selenite - Mahasamadhi Award winner

by Louise Brown at 16 October 2019, 4:50 PM

SELENITE is a one-man Symphonic Doom Metal project which is fairly new to the music scene. I got the impression from the Facebook page that it began sometime late in 2018, or perhaps even earlier this year. At any rate, the mysterious image thing actually suits the project quite well. Once you've heard its' music for yourself you'll understand what I mean by that.  "Mahasamadhi" is the project's first release.

The opening track, "Channeling Chants From Beyond," quickly establishes that the music isn't meant for light-hearted types of people. It's heavy, dark and somber in nature; in other words, perfect for those of us who prefer grimness to joy. The track begins with chants and pipe organ music which gradually blends into the main body of the song. Once the guttural vocals begin you become aware of the addition of guitars and percussion to the backing music; a piano eventually joins the mix as well. The song's pace is slow yet dramatic. It's sort of like listening to New Age music that's under the influence of depressants. The end result is odd, yet undeniably interesting. In short, it's a pretty great track. "Final Reckoning" has a slow, heavy start which is very dark-natured. The vocals are intriguing, sang in a more melodic style. The song slithers along like a serpent, carrying with it a sense of dread even though it's very lovely in a grim way. I really appreciate the guitar-playing that takes place right before the guttural vocals take over. As the two elements blend I'm reminded of music I've listened to by NOUMENA as well as DRACONIAN. It's a fantastic track that captures your imagination as well as your interest. "Hidden Presence" features a stark intro which pulls you in immediately as it builds in a sinister fashion. The music is just excellent, there really is no other way to describe it. It starts out heavy then takes on an ethereal quality once the vocals start. The singing starts out clean then gradually becomes guttural as the song progresses. The mournful quality of he composition is incredibly enjoyable. It's another truly great track that will remain with you even after you're done listening to the album.

"Requiem For A Soul" is more heavy, dark perfection. This is the perfect music for people who brood over their problems late at night long after everyone else has gone to sleep. There's something comforting about the utter doom you sense as you listen. Somehow it makes it alright that you're not a happy-go-lucky type of person. Pain and anger can lead to introspection within some people. If you are one of them then you need to become familiar with this project and the incredibly deep music that it's managed to create. The final track on the album, "Third Eye Open," has a different type of intro versus the previous tracks. It features much more keyboard presence that ends up blending gradually with guitar riffs as the song continues. The result is an eerie sort of sound that is futuristic and gloomy. The guttural vocals add to the feeling, summoning a sensation of despair that might be more than some people can take. The track sounds beautifully mournful, creating an atmosphere of sadness as well as resignation. It's carefully crafted and extremely effective. You're swept into a dark river of sound that carries you to a destination which will be beautiful, but not happy. I'm impressed with the care and consideration given to the track as well as the others on the album. The final result is the type of music that creates a time and space all its own. It's true art.

Even though I think it should be obvious what I think of the album, I'll go ahead and say it; get a copy for yourself if you like dark music that takes you places. "Mahasamadhi" is excellent.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Channeling Chants From Beyond
2.  Final Reckoning
3. Hidden Presence
4. Requiem For A Soul
5. Third Eye Open
Stefan Traunmüller -  everything
Record Label: Seance Records


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