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Semen Datura - This Love Is Dead (CD)

Semen Datura
This Love Is Dead
by Makis Kirkos at 29 May 2001, 10:48 AM

Semen Datura formed in March 1993 by Konrad Schubert (drums) and Daniel Forster (guitars/ vocals). A few months later Daniel Nacke (bs./ piano) chiseled his name in the meanwhile solid standing stone. This unholy, creative trinity can be found under the mighty sign of Semen Datura today too. With the entrance of guitarist Marcus and the magic, female voice of mistress Teresa, the great musical plans of the band should be acknowledged.

And that's what we've got here, Semen Datura' release, 'This Love Is Dead' . First of all I have to say that I am not a big Black-Metal fan so maybe Iam not the most applicable person to do this review, however I'll do my best. We can describe Semens Datura's music as emotional 'Dark'-Metal, which is combined with lots of strong forced and mystical Black-Metal-parts. The album opens with the title track 'This Love Is Dead' and by me is the best track in the CD. Melodic guitars, full of energy and passion, joint by the brutal voice of the singer and the magical trails of the female voice give us an atmospheric attitude. 'Bishop of Blood' and 'Scream' come next and I don't have to say anything. Just fast Black-Metal. The 'Price of Liberty' is the second remarkable track of the album. In this track I was shocked by the female singer's bewitched vocals. Mid tempo guitars with clever riffs and a tied rhythm section full of emotion. The female vocals seem to bend perfectly with the aggresive, brutal and raw vocals of the singer and that's what I like. All the other tracks from 'Rabenmensch' to 'Hear The Blade Rings' are just typical 'dark'-black-metal songs, you know…play fast like there is no tomorrow and scream brutal, nothing more to say.

The production is very good because the album was recorded at Stage One Studio, there where the Greek forefathers Rotting Christ had the really best productions for their albums. So overall , if you are a black metal fan, then you should buy their album in any case. If you like melodic black metal then maybe you should try something else.

3 Star Rating

This Love Is Dead
Bishop of Blood
Price of Liberty
Finaler Geist
Die Rache Ist Mein
Hear The Blade Rings
Foerster - vocals , guitar
Markus - guitar
Thereza - female vocals
Nacke - bass
Konrad - drums
Record Label: CCP Records


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