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Sepulcher - Panoptic Horror Award winner

Panoptic Horror
by Gareth Beams at 10 September 2018, 7:04 AM

Norwegian Death Thrash band Sepulcher return from 2015’s release of ‘Mausoleum Tapestry’ with Panoptic Horror on Edged Circle Productions. “Corporeal Vessels” hits out with decent aspects of Thrash, without it seeming like another copy of bands, which can be hard to avoid. The vocals are where the Death Metal factors come in. The beat is steady, melody works well with the balance between the 2 styles. The instruments to sway towards a darker feel as the song progresses, taking the feel away from Thrash aspects, but its controlled well. The vocals are short outbursts, with a few rages filled lines held here and there. Overall a good start to the album

Towards an Earthly Rapture” has a progressive tempo to start off. Not flying off the handle, but progressively picking up pace. Showing the true skills of the band as they play. The tempo and balance between musicians runs in harmony. “Ethereal Doom” has a virtuous intro to open up as the vocals hit. The song has more concentration of vocals here, but the appreciation of the beat in the instruments doesn’t go away. The balance in concentration sways throughout. There is not one controlling factor in this song, it all works together. Passion in the vocals overflows beautifully, and the instruments do exceptionally well to keep their shit together to hold their own.

Abyssal Horror” uses a sludge/doom impression to the foundations here. The beat is slower, and heavier. Once the vocals hit, the general feel is back to normal, trying something different has paid off here. The intensity never seizes and will keep your head nodding along to the song. It is a similar input throughout the album, but its not a sound you grow tired of. “Scourge of Emptiness” begins with a slow start once more, but it is shortly lived. A more technical thrash guitar melody comes into play. Vocals seem more aggressive with their approach, it’s a welcome change. The vocals are broken down more in a way that Old School SLAYER and OVERKILL used to do. The aggressive approach brings new life the album, it’s a great way to finish off, not simply allowing the songs to fade out.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Corporeal Vessels
2. Towards an Earthly Rapture (Instrumental)
3. Corrupting the Cosmos
4. Ethereal Doom
5. Abyssal Horror
6. Scourge of Emptiness
7. Haunting the Spheres
Unknown Line-Up
Record Label: Edged Circle Production


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