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Sepulcre - Cursed Ways Of Sheol

Cursed Ways Of Sheol
by Allen Peters at 20 January 2023, 2:50 PM

CURSED WAYS Of SHEOL” has just been released to the dark universe! This four-song EP is short, but hopefully sweet. I will share my opinion on every song on this one instead of a select few since we don’t have much time here. This four-piece band from France hopefully shows up with something special. I do believe that this is my first review of a band from there. I am curious to see if the make their fellow countrymen proud with this one, let’s get started with the title track.

Screaming and screeching as high as possible, the guitar overrides the drums to start, barely. It is soon complimented with your stereotypical Death Metal vocal growls on top.  The same menacing guitar makes its appearance throughout, it means business. I was initially worried about understanding French, but that quickly fades away as the universal evil sound that we all know, and love continues speaking to us until the end. It may be a little cookie cutter in its sound so far, but it is solid in getting its point across.

Relics From Unhearthly Cult” kicks us off next with the bashing of the drums and more of the signature guitar work from before continues right behind it. That guitar sounds mean. The deep dark sounds work together to set the mood. They only slow down briefly towards the end. No ballads are to be found here. It has an ominous sound. They are trying to make a point and you should be afraid!

Aethyr Emantions” steps up into the third spot. The drums are literally slowly walking you down the faintly lit path before the chaos erupts again. More unique string work, a little bit of a different flavor than the previous two, keeps you moving down the road to hell, or so it seems. All of your happiness will be thrown out like trash. Don’t listen to this one if you need to brighten up your day, the point of it all is the exact opposite.

Foul Divinty Enthronation” will be wrapping it up, probably like a cold dead body if I had to guess. Starting out with sounds you would find in a horror movie; this one is almost ten minutes of terror. The shrill screams don’t sound very happy about the situation we find ourselves in.
The darkness surrounds you until they kick out the windows with a nice riff about halfway through. They mix up the pace nicely back and forth and their standard shredding sound makes one last appearance before winding it back down. The best way to describe this whole album is spooky, I do believe that is the one word that sums it all up best.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Cursed Ways of Sheol
2. Relics From Unearthly Cult
3. Aethyr Emanations
KD - Vocals/Guitar
RG - Bass
JW - Drums
HW – Guitars
Record Label: Invictus Productions


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