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Sermon of Flames – I Have Seen the Light, and It Was Repulsive

Sermon of Flames
I Have Seen the Light, and It Was Repulsive
by Leanne Evans at 04 October 2021, 9:40 AM

Hailing from the picturesque pastures of Ireland, Death duo SERMON OF FLAMES defecate over the traditional measures of beauty and tranquillity, opting to deliver haunting soundscapes of the most brutal of death metal, melded with black, industrial and the harshest of noise, to create a stunning alternative of their own beauteous concoction in “I Have Seen the Light, and It Was Repulsive”. SERMON OF FLAMES perfect the unsettled and discomfited in tone, sadistically seething at the distaste and disdain for humanity in this full-length of twelve complex and intense tracks of the audially maimed. The album’s opener, “To Behead One’s Desire”, is an introduction of agitating splendour that merges into the visceral purging of “Cauldrons of Boiling Piss”, with its scratches of insidiousness and retched putridity. The discombobulation of feedback and harsh noise offers a fascinating unnerve, ready for the breakneck “Chords Rung from the Ribs of the Earth”. The unique, smothering sonic shroud of brutal death metal, with a leaning to the industrial, plugs and plunges, as much as it screeches and howls its abrasive cacophony. Like a suffocating pillow to the face, the dank wallowing of distortion momentarily lifts in between cuts, to unearth the brutality of “I//H//D//O//D//E//S//I//W//a//C”, incessant with its twisted contortions, which ultimately feels as if a death mask has been welded straight to your face.

Continuing with an audial grip to choke, SERMON OF FLAMES submerge you under a tsunami of dissonance with pure putridity, waves of noise and distorted droned vocals in “G.O.D”, leaving you retching on every antagonizing affliction of unsettling temporal changes and passages of sonic mutation. The harsh aesthetics continue to satisfy in “Vacuous & Disjointed” with its cumbersome, consummate elegant bludgeoning of warped blackened death, grit, overt howling abrasion and uneasy muffled moans striking your core amongst cataclysmic bursts of impenetrable sound. Progressing to a much more upbeat and aggressive tempo, “Seething Radiance” spews for a mere 1:16, but packs a bloody blow in that sonic sweep, with the slightly more tasteful and melodic feeling “Mephitic Seraph” pausing momentarily for something a little more cleansing to the palate.

The last section of “I Have Seen the Light, and It Was Repulsive” serves up just as much disorderly fashion, with SERMON OF FLAMES pouring a noticeably more distressing deathly ordeal. “Vehemence” brings dark vocals intertwined through drum fills that simply murmur amongst riffs designed to asphyxiate with sweltering coldness and aloofness that imbues. Whilst the likes of “Jahr Null” and “Dancer of the 6 Agonies” lurch with breath-taking blast-beat destruction, pounding with repulsion to anything orderly, gouging and ripping shreds into your soul. Serving up the warped and oppressive, yet offering a perverse sense of gratification and twisted enjoyment, SERMON OF FLAMES sodomize you with sound, and aurally defile from beginning to end in “I Have Seen the Light, and It Was Repulsive”, producing a sublimely sadistic and delightfully deafening offering that’s a tastefully repugnant hit.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. To Behead One’s Desire
2. Cauldrons of Boiling Piss
3. Chords Rung from the Ribs of the Earth
4. I//H//D//O//D//E//S//I//W//a//C
5. G.O.D
6. Vacuous & Disjointed
7. Seething Radiance
8. Mephitic Seraph
9. Vehemence
10. Jahr Null
11. Hymn of Apotheosis
12. Dance of the 6 Agonies
Record Label: I, Voidhanger Records


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