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Serpent Noir – Death Clan OD Award winner

Serpent Noir
Death Clan OD
by Jorge Zamudio at 09 February 2020, 10:03 AM

There's really nothing more to say other than amazing. This album is completely amazing. There are so many adjectives I could use to define this one, but amazing is just the perfect one to emphasize how good this release is. I have been told that sometimes I am so condescending and that I only have good things to say about Metal music, but it's in moments like this where I understand how many good musicians are out there putting out their best effort in order of making something not just good, but like I said, amazing.

Let me tell you why this album is amaz… ok you know the word I'm going to use. The most important thing throughout these songs is the riff. It's a slow and crusty riff. One that's stuck in the dark side of the 80’s. One that's changing from slow to mid-paced, with a constant atmosphere that proves that you do not need to be the fastest or loudest band on the planet to sound exactly like a very good Black Metal band. There's also an amazing contrast of two types of vocals, the harsh ones (that are understandable), and the monk-like chants; don’t get me wrong, they have no choir here, but the voice made on those parts sound like that.

I really do love the acoustic guitars; the basslines which are so consistent and complement the darkness I was talking about previously. The drums are perfectly executed, they are the base and the perfect motor in order to keep up the good phases of the songs. I do believe that they have done this just about as good as they could have; it is not something improvised, rather over several listens you can absorb the talent and the determination on each and every note they play.

Look reader, you may have your own taste an maybe if you give this one a chance, and when you hear it, maybe you'll disagree with me. But, I can tell you this, this is so fucking good, you will not deny that fact. Enjoy.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Black Knighthood of OD
2. Cutting the Umbilical Cord of Hel
3. Hexcraft
4. Asmodeus: The Sword of Golachab
5. Astaroth: The Jaws of Gha'Agsheblah
6. Necrobiological Chant of Talas
7. Goeh Ra Reah: Garm Unchained
Yiannis K. - Guitars, Bass
Kostas K. - Vocals
J. K. - Bass 
Record Label: World Terror Committee


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