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Serpent Saints - All Things Metal

Serpent Saints
All Things Metal
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 May 2012, 8:40 PM

I wish that more veteran vocalists would do the same as Soren Adamsen of ARTILLERY for a group of local musicians that have been looking for an answer for the vocal section. The great service he provided to this young Danish band named SERPENT SAINTS is something that should be cherished and remembered. Via the French label of Emanes Metal Records, this Heavy / Speed Metal band released its debut album, "All Things Metal", with what seemed to me with a purpose to remind the world of the older flame of Heavy Metal in Denmark while creating a darkened layer of evil features as the heart of their material. However one thing is for sure and I am not discoursing the musicianship of the players in way, but probably without Adamsen's helping hand or vocal chords to that matter, this effort wouldn't have been that good.

Musically, SERPENT SAINTS remained loyal to the roots of Metal by playing NWOBHM along with the first wave stuff of Speed Metal. Even the sound production, which was fairly good, helped them to attain the right stature as an old school oriented band. As far their material goes I felt as if I was rounded up inside a theater gazing at an ongoing show portrayed with legends, stories and tales straight from the burning pits of the underworld. Does it remind you anything other than the fiendish mind of the old King or what? Because I haven't found a different answer just yet. Maybe the themes laid out pretty well with the amazing cover of MERCYFUL FATE's "Come To The Sabbath"? I would bet on it. But what about the band's originals? As I mentioned earlier, it felt like theatrics to me, some with loads of promise like the epic and mystic "Lucifer's Hand", that brought in a sort of a satanic sense but not in the way that it would lead one to believe that these chaps were actually worshipers, and the opening encounter of "Revenge From The North" that presented the band so well with its great riffing. "Rising" and "Witchhunt" were pretty solid but not as I would have liked them to be. Adamsen performed so well with raspy tones that even the guys on ARTILLERY probably haven't heard of before. There were moments where that guy nearly freaked me out.

In general, the band put out some nice tunes with ample traditional riffing. The spirit of NWOBHM seemed to be strong with them and they capitalized on it. However, it was hard for me to fully enjoy their album in way that it would blow me away. They had great lead guitar work, amazing vocals and a good sense of rhythm. Therefore I believe that there is something to expect for the upcoming…

3 Star Rating

1. Revenge From The North
2. Rising
3. Warhorse
4. Lucifers Hand
5. Witchhunt
6. All Things Metal
7. Come To The Sabbath (Mercyful Fate Cover)
8. Hang 'em High (Intro)
9. The Hangedmans Song 
Søren Adamsen- Vocals
Martin Impaler- Guitars
Simon Constrictor- Guitars
Lars Olrik- Drums
Tobias Nefer - Bass
Record Label: Emanes Metal Records


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