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Serpentcult - Weight Of Light (CD)

Weight Of Light
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 14 December 2008, 5:00 PM

I had heard some stuff about SERPENTCULT ready and the fact that they signed a contract with Rise Above Records seems only a positive fact for the band regarding its publicity, the moves it can now make and many other things. To tell you the truth, I didn't know them before, so I started listening to Weight Of Light and searching for information about them.

And I thought that this band was kind of old! That's why I probably haven't had the pleasure to taste their music in the past. They were only formed two years ago, in 2006 and they only have one more release beside this album, their 2007 Trident Nor Fire EP, which was released by the Swedish I Hate Records. Their first full-length album enters the Metal (and not only) scene with Lee Dorian's Rise Above Records stamp on it.

SERPENTCULT treat us with a groovy Metal/Rock dish that will probably make some fill their hungry for dirty and groovy music stomach, while leave others unsatisfied, I guess… Wanna know the recipe? It is not so hard. Use BLACK SABBATH as you basic ingredient. While boiling, add some GOATSNAKE. When it is ready you can put it in the oven filled with ELECTRIC WIZARD. When you are done and it is ready you can serve it while assign some CATHEDRAL topping to make it a bit spicy.

Sounds tasty, huh? I know, that was my first thought, but I don't know why I am still hungry. It is probably Michelle's voice who may be kind of nice but does not fit the band's music in my humble opinion. One more thing is that their sludgy Doom Metal/Rock is filled with numerous details that will definitely make someone that hasn't been used to particularly long and monotonous tracks bored. And I can say that it is kind of hard to keep track of this album if you are not so into this scene.

All in all a pretty cool debut that shows a band with potential and talent. I guess that with some minor changes SERPENTCULT will definitely become a force to be reckoned. Of course not even close to being 'the next big thing' or something, but surely an ultra heavy band that doomsters will enjoy!

3 Star Rating

New World Order
Screams From The Deep
Weight Of Light
Awaken The Kraken
Red Dawn
Michelle - Vocals
Frederic - Guitar
Steven LQW - Bass
Cozy - Drums
Record Label: Rise Above Records


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