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Seth Borsellini – Moodness

Seth Borsellini
by Patrick McMahon at 24 January 2021, 7:30 AM

Produced and recorded by Simone Carbone at Soundshape studio in Genoa, Italy, this album takes listeners on an almost cosmic journey through the dark metals. It is a trip down the vibes of the Queen of the Damned era gone by. Music written by Seth Borsellini and Simone Carbone. The album begins with “Intro”, a misleading warmup to the soundscape that is being created. Dripping industrial bass tones accompanied by the shaky pitch of an old music box. The track puts me in the notable mood for a calm and catatonic experience, but that is not what follows.

“Contagion” hits immediately after, with a sudden grind of distorted guitar hammer on riffs. The  verse is more along the lines of the industrial sound that the introduction promised, but followed by a very clear and heavy chorus. I personally really enjoy the mutes and string pops providing bounce in various elements of the quieter verse segments. The pop to grimy metal contrast in the music is well delivered and provides excellent canvas for the vocals to play on.

“Moodness” is the next and title track. The intro provides a great pace, mixing both djenty guitar and synth that gives me the energy of Nine Inch Nails or The Crystal Method. The vocals are quick to follow in that framework, with a playful mix of pop drone and dark vocal fry. The track ends with a haunting laugh as we begin “Taste my Hell”. With a quick and eerie “Mary mother of God” the track picks up in to pure overdrive with powerful crashing cymbals and overdriven guitar to accent the crushingly low grind of the bass. The drums take an exceptionally powerful role in the track, backing the triplet feels throughout.

“The Faceless Man”, much like the start of the album, provides an emotional range that seems to miss with the rest of the sound. It is definitely an enjoyable track that touts acoustic guitar and highlights the power of the front man vocalist. There is pain and dark twisted sound, but it could belong to an entirely different project if it hadn’t been included in this metal offering.

SETH BORSELLINI has a lot of promise for up and coming industrial sound. Front to back the album is laced with hints of many musical influences and is definitely intended for the discerning metal enthusiast. I am excited to hear more out of this group!

Songwriting:  6
Musicianship:  6
Memorability:  5
Production:  8

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Contagion
3. Moodness
4. Taste my Hell
5. Needle and Thread
6. Surface
7. That Fog
8. Chrysalis
9. A Thousand Times
10. Triple 6
11. The Faceless Man
Seth Borsellini – Vocals
Francesco Martini – Guitar
Simone Carbone – Bass/Synth/Programming
Christian Parisi – Drums
Record Label: This is Core Music


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Edited 07 March 2021

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