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Seven Sisters - The Cauldron and the Cross

Seven Sisters
The Cauldron and the Cross
by Mike "Bitchin" Bourgeois at 27 June 2018, 9:27 AM

New NWOBHM is a thing and seeing as it was the original wave that I caught, I'm liking this new interpretation. A band I am hoping goes on to bigger things is riding this wave and actually pushing close to prog territory is SEVEN SISTERS. Formed five years ago, this quartet from London England has released their sophomore album “The Cauldron and the Cross.” The opening minute of the first song "The Premonition" grabs your attention with a flurry of time and style changes that not only show who their inspirational bands are, (there was a nod to RUSH I think), they did it in a way that made me even more curious about what laid ahead. The tempo changes, transitions, and bridges are pulled off with ease and I feel edging on into prog areas.

Using the talent that is obviously developing "Once and Future King" shows off their twin lead guitars with a classic opening that quickly turns into a showcase of their abilities. Well thought out chord progressions and little timing surprises kept me interested, not only through this tune, but the entire album. "Turning the Tide" gave away their top influences (I'd like to guess here, but I'll leave that for you to hear) and even the power ballad "Oathbreaker" was enjoyable, with a very well thought out solo to elevate it. "A Land in Darkness" was I think, their entry submission to be elevated to the prog fraternity and "The Cauldron and the Cross Pt1&2" were just the icing on the cake. Showing off the guitar symbiosis of Kyle McNeill and Graeme Farmer shredding on the complex but rock-solid rhythms of drummer Steve Loftin and tied together by bassist Javi Rute in a most enjoyable way, this epic two-parter never had me looking at a clock wondering when it's over.

Heavy Metal it is, no doubt in my mind, but give them a few more years and I think they could become a band that makes that step to the area when they're cited as a prog staple and not just another NMOBHM second wave band. The talent is there, the music composition is intelligent and very entertaining, and with a bit more experience, they will, yes I said will, be epic. Looking forward to their next endeavor!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The Premonition
2. Blood and Fire
3. Once and Future King
4. Parting the Mists
5. Turning of the Tide
6. Oathbreaker
7. A Land in Darkness
8. The Cauldron and the Cross Pt.1
9. The Cauldron and the Cross Pt.2
Kyle McNeill - Vocals/Guitar
Graeme Farmer - Guitar
Javi Rute - Bass
Steve Loftin - Drums
Record Label: Dissonance Productions


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