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Seven Thorns - Return To The Past (CD)

Seven Thorns
Return to the Past
by Jonathan Maphet at 28 December 2010, 7:12 PM

SEVEN THORNS was formed in 1998. They are from Denmark. This is my first time hearing the band and I have to say I really like it. Their power metal is fast and blistering the whole way through. They don’t mess around with any lame sappy ass ballads. You get fast double bass pounding from start to finish and I positively love it. It’s about time a power metal band remembered that the word “power” is in there for a reason. They remind me slightly of FREEDOM CALL, and I kid you not, they have a song called “Freedom Call” on the album. I have no idea whether or not this was intentional or not, but it works. The solos are filled with melody for the most part. There is an occasional mindless shred, but even that sounds good. I have no problem with guitar Gods showing off how fast they are as long as it is not the entire song. A good example of the incredible melody is to be found on, “Fires and Storms”.

SEVEN THORNS has created a great mixture of keyboards, fast riffs and soloing. The Vocals are just short of great, they are good enough to enjoy. I don’t think anyone will find them lacking at all. I swear they wore out a few drum heads while recording this. Someone buy Lars a drum kit made out of titanium. His kit will not survive and entire tour, no doubt about it. This album reminds me why I love this genre to begin with. It is honest and it isn’t insulting, meaning there is no cheese to be found. “Forest Magic” starts out with a beautiful keyboard interlude that is close to orchestration and then speeds up just like all of the other songs. That song title reminds me of FALCONER. They have written material very close to this in the past. Everything is multilayered. The harmonic chord progressions are one of the essential parts in European music, even when it’s metal, and they really nail it here.

Overall, if you like power metal that has speed buy the ton, then you will be satisfied. If you like multiple tempo changes then you won’t like it. They only know one tempo, “Full speed ahead”. Why can’t other bands get it like SEVEN THORNS does? Maybe it’s just me. I know I would rather hear speedy power metal than almost anything else. Yes, grand choir hymns are great and I would be lost without them, but they can exist separately from one album to the next. I don’t have to be inundated with them constantly to know how much I love them. The production is very good. If you like melody in your dose of speed, you cannot fail with SEVEN THORNS. They have been nice enough to supply me with two separate websites to check out, and I hope you visit them like I have. I bet you can’t help but smile. This is a very good album. Support the genre and pick it up, you won’t be sorry!

4 Star Rating

1. Liberty
2. End of the Road
3. Through the Mirror
4. Freedom Call
5. Countdown
6. Forest Majesty
7. Spread Your Wings
8. Fires and Storms
9. Return to the Past
Lars “Laske” Borup – Drums, backing vocals
Gabriel Tuxen – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Christian B. Strojer – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Nicolaj Marker – Bass, backing vocals
Mik Holm – Backing vocals, composer
Asger W. Nielsen – keyboard, backing vocals
Erik “EZ” Blomkvist – vocals (studio and live)
Mikkel Henderson – Keyboards , guest musician
Olaf Lenk – Guitar, guest musician
Record Label: Nightmare Records


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