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Seventh Dimension - Black Sky Award winner

Seventh Dimension
Black Sky
by Kevin Lewis at 07 September 2021, 3:28 PM

SEVENTH DIMENSION is a Swedish band formed in 2009. "Black Sky" is their fourth full-length album and was released on June 18, 2021 via Corrupted Records. This is a Power/Progressive Metal outfit with an abundance of skill at both genres. The record contains nine songs, two of which are instrumental.

The first instrumental is the fifty-seven second “Premonition.” The sound starts big and complex. The keyboards are working together with the bass and the drums are kind of doing their own thing. It works because the guitar works to fit in both places. This leads to “Bad Blood,” a fast-paced song with some interesting vocal use. The backing vocals sound synthesized, giving them a computerized, futuristic feel. The shifts in tone and tempo drive the song through some nice progressive patterns.

Resurgence” is a powerhouse of a song, driving hard from the beginning. The slower, more melodic verse is a great change of pace. The chorus is tempo number three and the solos are a distinct part four. This is a complex song that really showcases the talents this band has. Both the songwriting and the performance are really good. There is a definite DREAM THEATER vibe in this song, giving a nod to one of their bigger influences.

The next instrumental is “Black Sky: Assembly,” which leads into “Black Sky: Into The Void.” This is another showcase style instrumental. The shift from power to prog here is pretty impressive. Pairing a five-minute instrumental with an eight-minute song takes some skill. Tying the songs together thematically is no small feat, but is accomplished with ease here. There are constant shifts and they all make sense. This is not discordant chaos, rather, it is a well-defined journey.

Wrapping the record is the almost 10-minute epic “Incubus.” From the subdued beginning, the song builds over time. The tempo and tones waver, moving back and forth, going from slower to faster, getting darker, then lightening up again. The vocals control much of this. Adding grit, the tones darken significantly, elevating again on the clean tones. This is a well-done song that travels over a lot of terrain. The transitions are smooth when wanted, abrupt when needed.

This band really knows how to blend power and prog metals into a seriously hard alloy. Their ability to shift from hard and heavy to light and airy, power to prog and slow to fast is shown in more than one song. Their longer songs show an immense amount of talent. The shorter songs still show the skills, just in a more compact timeframe. Either way, prog fans should be elated with this record and power metal fans will like it also. The epic tales, complex rhythms and lyrics will appeal to their preferences.

SEVENTH DIMENSION are a well seasoned band with an innate ability to twist and turn their songs to fit the mood of the song well. Their songs are intricate and well-reasoned. The shifts happen on time and with precision. Their riffs and rhythms are often heavy and groove oriented. The keyboards fill in the gaps and set a lot of the mood and pace. Overall, this is a really good record that needs to be heard. Listen to it on repeat. Every time through, there will be something different to pick up on. It’s worth the time.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Premonition
2. Bad Blood
3. Kill the Fire
4. Resurgence
5. Falling
6. Black Sky: Assembly
7. Black Sky: Into the Void
8. As the Voices Fade
9. Incubus
Nico Lauritsen – Vocals
Rikard Wallström – Bass
Marcus Thorén – Drums
Luca Delle Fave – Guitar
Erik Bauer – Keyboards
Record Label: Corrupted Records


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