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Shadows Fall - Fear Will Drag You Down (CD)

Shadows Fall
Fear Will Drag You Down
by Dimitris Antoniou at 30 January 2002, 12:14 PM

Wow! Here is a band that decided to defy all labels and not confine their creativity under a “something metal tag. “Fear will drag you down (powerful title) simply cannot be labeled. Thrash, death, classic heavy and hardcore, everything mixed and compressed in one CD with 12 songs and 3 live bonus tracks. The album is actually a re-release of their previous studio one “Of One Blood together with the EP “Deadworld that was released only in Japan.

I really don't know where to begin this review… I am currently listening to the CD for the 10th time in a row and still haven't had enough of it!  You simply cannot get easily bored of it. Each song combines equally heavy and fast riffs with clean melodies and solos, brutal growls with clean vocals, powerful double bass drums with 4/4 rock rhythms, fast, massive bass lines with progressive rhythms. And the best thing is that the songs, even though they have so many different faces, they almost never lose their identity and they are easily remembered afterwards.

They manage to include all of their influences (which are quite a lot and they range from Slayer and Exodus to Iron Maiden), without losing their originality. The overall effect surely sounds a bit familiar and known. However the fact that one minute you listen to a brutal death tune and the other a calm, melodic tune (in the same song!) fitting so well together, tells a lot about the talent of this band.

Best moments in the CD are the 2 songs from the EP, “Deadworld and “Stepping outside the Circle and the songs “Of One Blood and “Root Bound Apollo. Those tracks describe exactly the diversity and the brilliance in song writing of the band. Especially “Of One Blood will amaze you with its powerful riffs, brutal singing and speed-of-light guitar solos.

I will not waste anymore time, analyzing every aspect of this album. Just go to your nearest CD store and buy it when it comes out (scheduled release: February the 11th).

A big congratulation to Shadows Fall for their wonderful music! For sure I will wait their next release with much anticipation cause something tells me this band has even more to offer.

3 Star Rating

Stepping Outside The Circle
Crushing Belial
Of One Blood
The First Noble Truth
Root Bound Apollo
Revel In My Loss
To Ashes
Pain Glass Vision
Crushing Belial (Live Bonus-Track)
The First Noble Truth (Live Bonus-Track)
Fleshold (Live Bonus-Track)
Jonathan Donais lead guitar/vocals
Brian Fair lead vocals
Paul Romanko bass
Matthew Bachand guitar/vocals
David Germain drums
Record Label: Century Media


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