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ShadowThrone - Elements' Blackest Legacy Award winner

Elements' Blackest Legacy
by Laura Glover at 09 October 2019, 7:26 AM

From the magicians of Italian Metal, we are greeted by SHADOWTHRONE’S second album “Elements' Blackest Legacy”. This album was released on September 27, 2019 through Non Serviam Records. ShadowThrone was founded by guitarist, Steph, after he separated from the very successful band Theatres des Vampires. ShadowThrone  being influenced by Bathory, Mercyful Fate, and Emperor; and whose sound ranges from thrash metal to symphonic metal. “Elements' Blackest Legacy” is a follow up to their first album, “Demiurge of Shadow” which was released January 14th, 2017. True to its name, this album has some shadowy, thrash vocals, as well as symphonic/orchestral musical inclusions. This quartet is led by Zilath Meklhum on vocals, Francesco on guitar, Steph on guitar and orchestra, and Dave on the drums. Zilath Meklum, whose hardcore thrash vocals and screams, carry the momentum of darkness throughout “Elements' Blackest Legacy”. Paired with cold and hard guitar, kicker drums, and occasional synth or orchestra this album has old school vibes.  The album's dark cover art was done by acclaimed occult artist, Nestor Avalos; and was produced by guitarist, Steph.

“Endless Dance to the Universe” with a music box intro, it is decidedly benign sounding to the heavy, thrash metal vocals it leads into. This track has growly guitar and heavy drums, as well as violent screams, and some melodic interludes. This is truly a masterful piece with a gothic romantic air to it. Like vampire love, in Italy, of course. In a way such a country could only harvest from its renaissance era. “All is One” - Here we are again with a super soft intro. Piano as beautiful as watching a black rose unfold leading straight to thrash, and also including some chimes or xylophonic sound as well. I mean, who knew xylophone could be hardcore?! Thank you for that one SHADOWTHRONE! I highly dig it. This track displays Zilath's vocal ranges quite brutally and beautifully, growling at us with a powerful thrash guttural sound.

“L'Autunno di Bacco” - The track title translates to "The Autumn of Bacchus", a song with lyrics that are sung in Italian. Altogether soft and poignant, yet dark and intense. Bacchus is the drunken God of wine and autumn. This tracks references to nature lend a definite druidic aura about it, not the only such references in the album either. “Path of Decay” - "I find my way through the dense forest/ Sometimes I can see the light I serve." One can imagine traipsing through mossy, dark forests in long robes whilst screaming along with these lyrics with angst. This track has epic guitar riffs, and those glorious thrash vocals. The lyrics talk of a walk through the forest with the trees judging him, sounding truly like a spiritual quest. Which only further cements the druidic feeling to the album. Maybe the author meets Bacchus out there in those woods?

“ShadowThrone” - This track dives right into torturous screams, hardcore drum work, and guitar riffs worth head banging to. When it comes down to it, isn't this what metal is all about? Keeping with the old school sound, this song has some devilish sounding vocals. Again, great vocal ranges from their lead singer, Zilath. The operatic background vocals in this one adds to the depth and layers of this song, rolling right along with the aforementioned vampiric tone. As one could see masquerade ballroom dancing to the operatic, melodic part. “Faded and Cold Humanity” - Decidedly my favorite song on the album, this track sounds a little bit like a dark carousel ride. A fantastical journey through a dark tunnel, with wild hallucinations a little like Willy Wonka's tunnel of horrors. Psychedelic melody of eerie, mind altering beats. This song is a bit on the softer side for this album, however don't let that make you think it doesn't pack as much of a punch. It truly grabs hold of you and takes your mind colorful places, with seductive piano interludes that make your heart ache. Close your eyes, where does your mind take you?

Having promptly fell in like with this album, I will definitely be adding this to my regular playlist. There is more I have yet to discover here. This is one of those kinds of creations that each time you listen you learn something new about it. I am wholly impressed with SHADOWTHRONE, as this is my first experience with them. Intellectually written lyrics absolutely satisfy my sapiosexual side. Call me a nerd, but I was ALWAYS stuck in a book as a kid and my favorite subject matter was fantasy. I'm very much loving the mixture of fantasy/sci-fi and metal.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Endless Dance to the Universe
2. Black Dove Upon My Shoulder
3. All is One
4. Saturn of Newborn Era
5. Curse of the Royal Blood
6. Descent
7.  Every Moment Burns my Chest
8. Path of Decay
9. ShadowThrone
10. L'Autunno di Bacco
11. Faded and Cold Humanity
Zilath Meklhum - Vocals
Francesso - Guitar
Steph - Guitar/orchestra
Dave - Drums
Record Label: Non Serviam Records


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