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Shady Glimpse – Thrash Refrain/ Splash Ref: Rain

Shady Glimpse
Thrash Refrain/ Splash Ref: Rain
by Matt Coe at 17 December 2014, 2:39 PM

According to Metal-Archives, this looks like a re-issue of their 2010 album from Shotgun on their new label 7Hard – so this is the third studio album from Japanese Thrash band SHADY GLIMPSE. Active since 2004, their sound has a lot of that Crossover appeal to those who enjoy a little bit of Hardcore in their Thrash Metal- although there is the occasional left-field Alternative element that seeps through.

Bassist Tomohide Shimizu possesses a lot of funky finger antics throughout tracks such as “Ultimate Evolution= Death” and the follow up “J.U.N.K.” – something similar to what I would expect from Flea of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. Many of the riffs and tempos are very frantic – “Brandnew Law Song” even switching things up in terms of a galloping time change that would make IRON MAIDEN beam.

The major area that will be a nails on the chalkboard issue for full enjoyment lies in the vocals of Yuichi Takei. He certainly can scream – the question is there’s only one manner that he employs, and it’s the type that is screechy. It doesn’t matter if the song is more mid-tempo like “Eliminate ‘Em All” or a little more up-tempo and musically involved such as “Moonlight Acid”, the results are still unappealing from the word side, not even computer effects can disguise the bad John Connelly (NUCLEAR ASSAULT) gone Hardcore antics we hear from the speakers.

I suppose if you enjoy Crossover Thrash pureed in a Funky bass player’s filter, and could figure out a way to eliminate most of the vocals, SHADY GLIMPSE would be a different band for you to appreciate. At 33 minutes, “Thrash Refrain/ Splash Ref:Rain” is quick enough to get through, and even in instrumental spots like “Daluti” you do feel at peace with nature, the bird talk shimmering against the acoustic/ electric guitar work.

A mixed bag for sure.

3 Star Rating

1. Shady the Ripper
2. Eliminate ‘Em All
3. Amazing Place
4. Ultimate Evolution = Death
5. J.U.N.K.
6. Moonlight Acid
7. Daluti
8. Brandnew Law Song
9. Get Drunk Like M.O.F.
10. People in Desire
11. Black & White
12. Wish
Yuichi Takei - Vocals
Shinya Sakai - Guitar
Tomohide Shimizu - Bass
Yasuhiro Nishiyama – Drums
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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