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Shallow - 16 Sunsets In 24 Hours (CD)

16 Sunsets In 24 Hours
by Makis Kirkos at 02 January 2001, 12:33 AM

Hailing from Stoke, England, Shallow have been one of the UK's well kept secrets for the past five or so years. Their latest release is called 16 Sunsets in 24 Hours and it's a fusion of Stoner / Indie / Alt Rock grooves, often combined with heaps of swirling psychedelia. They are bringing to my mind elements of Helmet, Sleep, Kyuss, Nirvana and Clutch.

Shallow manage to successfully blend all of these influences, without bowing to cliches or plagiarism - thus maintaining a strong sense of 'individuality' - something which has been definately lacking within the rock scene in more recent years. There is an overall freeform feel to the band's musical approach born out of intense jam sessions, creating a very organic & natural vibe.

Whilst enigmatic song titles such as Tartu, and Rise Of Clocks / Motion In Reverse may appear to be somewhat unfathathomable at first, on closer listening you will notice a very sincere and passionate sense of conviction within the lyrics & subject matter. For those that they don't listen the band before I have to say to you that the band are no strangers to the cavernous live circuit of the UK, having shared the stage with such other quality acts as Orange Goblin, Unida, Electric Wizard, Nebula, Spirit Caravan, Iron Monkey, Nogshits, Hangnail.
Overall, if you like that kind of sound you may try listen to their music. For you that already are familiar with Shallow's sound I suggest you to buy their new release.

3 Star Rating

Anatomy Of A Giant
Liquid Cosh
Tartu (The mystery man of the Balkans)
Rise Of Clocks / Motion In Reverse
The Bard
God Module
Loaded But Empty?
Cake Ape
Danny Unnet - Guitar & Vocals
Tony Inskip - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Phil Brough - Bass
Rod Ryse - Drums
Record Label: Rise Above Records


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