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She Burns Red - Take Back Tomorrow

She Burns Red
Take Back Tomorrow
by Jojo Hamilton at 18 January 2020, 4:35 AM

SHE BURNS RED are a 4 piece band from Edinburgh, Central Scotland, so this is a good EP for me to review as I am myself from Central Scotland, so this feels close to home for me. The EP has 4 songs each with their own merits. The EP is self titled, “She Burns Red” and is a heavy collection of tracks that are catchy, sassy and deep. The band are busy at the moment performing a U.K tour with some dates still to be announced. The music is a mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. SHE BURNS RED are under Genepool Records. As a band, they haven’t had it easy in their career, fighting back from paralysis, surviving life threatening brain surgery and conquering suicidal depression. Yet still they have managed to produce this fine EP despite the set backs they have faced. They have overcome their struggles and focused their energy on creating and producing some excellent music, which brings us to the self titled EP “She Burns Red”.

The songs on the EP are as follows. “Copernicus Falls”. A song that opens with some ace guitar riffs and rattling drum beats. The song is one with depth and feeling. A catchy song that you can easily learn and sing along to. It’s a song that touches the soul. Song number 2 is a track called “Crosshairs”, which comes in at 3 minutes 38 seconds and throws us a song that’s another to touch you deep inside. Trying to find your way and asking for help from that certain one. It’s a painkiller of a song and one of the highlights of the 4 track EP. “So here I am in The crosshairs of your anger, I sit and wait for the bullet from your chamber”, the lyrics are clear and concise, it’s a good song to listen to. Song number 3 opens a little heavier. “Gone” is a song that makes you want to head bang along to the beat & rhythm as it plays at a loud volume! It’s a song that’s well written and performed. It’s a song that grabs you and sucks you in. The final song on the EP is called “Tell Me How It Ends” and is a great song to play on repeat! It’s got a Hard Rock feel to it which has a slow tempo and is a bit of a sad song as it deals with the breakdown of a relationship. It’s one I would say I’ve enjoyed listening to very much as I think everyone can relate to it in some ways. The 4 songs on the EP are well written and performed. Definitely worth a spin on the CD player!

Overall I would say that SHE BURNS RED are one of Scotland’s finer exports and I would hope so see future dates for tours expand across the U.K and beyond. With their style of music style, lyrical prowess the band have big things to come in the future. Although I hadn’t previously known of SHE BURNS RED, I will be a firm follower from here on, as I appreciate good local talent and I believe I have discovered exactly that in this band. SHE BURNS RED have given us a good example of what they are capable of doing and I will be looking forward to an album when it comes out. With some added exposure and a growing fan base, I’m certain we can expect big things in the future from SHE BURNS RED. A band worth following in my opinion.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Copernicus Falls
2. Crosshairs
3. Gone
4. Tell Me How It Ends
Andy Moore - Guitars, Vocals
James McCulloch - Bass, Vocals
Hannah Mckay - Drums
Jay Moir - Lead Guitar
Record Label: Genepool Records


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