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Shevils – Miracle Of The Sun Award winner

Miracle Of The Sun
by Justin Joseph at 19 July 2021, 7:07 PM

SHEVILS return with their fourth (4th) album, titled, “Miracle of the Sun”. For those not familiar with the band, SHEVILS formed in 2010 and come hailing from the lands of Norway bringing with them their own twist and flavor to the Hardcore genre. Disclaimer, Hardcore is not my preferred style when it comes to extreme music (and no, I do not have anything against the genre), so I must admit I was rather skeptical in reviewing this album, because I did not want to do any unintentional wrong upon this band. So in summary, to the reader of this review, I am approaching it from an outsider’s perspective looking in …… soooo is this album any good? Let’s find out!

Spoiler alert…..I really freaking enjoyed this album much more than I would have even anticipated. If a band can grasp me with their content, especially waters that are unfamiliar to me, that’s a big positive in my book. Now that’s out of the way, you can go ahead and support them, purchase an album! Check them out…yup, that’s the end of the review. Just kidding…. but if you are still here, I thank you! Now back to “Miracle of the Sun”. The sound and flare of the band feels like it belongs within the same connective tissue as groups such as KVELERTAK (especially the album “Splid”), THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN (where the vocals and spirit of the band is concerned. The lungs of SHEVILS feel as though the vocalist and Greg Puciato share a similar organ), also there is some traces of AFI (from “Art of Drowning” go back), where some of the musical elements are concerned, albeit small traces but obviously these factors are dialed up to eleven (11). For fans of this genre, your similarities may differ from mine, but this is just what I noticed.

Now onto the flesh and blood of this album. What really hooked me was the musical prowess displayed combined with the production. It grants the illusion as though you are in a small cram packed room with the band and they are thrashing out and playing in close proximity. I love when albums exude that ‘live’ feeling where the instrumentation sounds raw, not unpolished though but rather energetic in feeling. If a band’s music can transfer that electrifying feeling…that vibrant energy from their music, I think that’s a winner right there, making the listener feel a part of the album, as though you are living and breathing the atmosphere conjured. The opener, “Black Ace” is a prime example of the contained chaos in this album, I say ‘contained’ as they shape the commotion in a structured manner. The guitars and bass contribute allot to this, as the guitars omit a ‘fuzzy’, dissonant tone harmonized with the almost ‘funk’ like bass which resonates throughout the song and album. Again both instrument play a major role in constructing that wall of sound. However the drums absolutely demolishes the wall (in a positive way that is).The drums on this track (and album) carry with it a thick sound meshed with the frantic, adrenaline style playing. Listen to the breakdown at the 00:55 minute mark, which displays the unity of all the instruments together, as well as the highlight at 1:55 which commences with a slow strumming bass line and drumming working its way to another crushing breakdown, while the vocalist shouts emotionally, “DON’T SHUT THE DOOR ON US!”

The vocals are excellent throughout the album, it radiates unbridled, pent-up aggression that is unleashed upon the listener. Now, don’t go thinking “Gee…do you mean the vocals just sound pissed off?” … well yes but no. The vocals are dare I say, experimental in rage. Yes the core of it is anger, but the way the anger flows through the vocal delivery is what makes it unique. The second track (and my favorite), “Miracle of the Sun” showcases the versatility of the vocals where it bifurcates into a melodic section (at the beginning) and then an aggressive onslaught. At the 1:29 mark of the song, begins with the picking of guitars complimented by a ‘shouting’ speech-like pattern by the vocals (almost protest-like in nature), which continues into 1:46 where he chants “Heaven in our heads” as the tempo gradually increases….2:18, “HEAVEN IN OUR FUCKING HEADS!!!” This right here is probably my favorite breakdown in the album, as all individual components converge as one unit creating a sonic assault upon the listener, whether it be the frenzied guitar riff, intensity filled vox or the punishing drums.

Monsters on TV” is a track that feels its roots are embedded within both punk and rock n’ roll due to the crashing drum beats and the bombastic feel of the guitars. It feels as though this may be one of the most accessible tracks on the album as it contains a rather catchy chorus that seems like it can work in concerts to engage the crowd. The guitar in the background takes a more ‘spacey’ feel which adds to the overall mood combined with the main riffing. However, I got to mention the 1:55 mark which is a tonal shift as the drums and riffs are more upbeat and fast paced but leads to the payoff at 2:20 when it dives into that melodic vocal hook. The final offering comes at 2:51 with the atmosphere riff coupled with the yelled lines “PLEASE STOP THE MONSTERS ON TV!!”  Which evokes a sense of urgency

Both songs, “Scandinavian Death Star” and “Wet Soaking Wet” share almost the same blood, as both are rather short in length but offer a barrage of noise represented in different shades. Where the drums are quite groovy and the sound is accentuated with the fast paced riffs. I could see these songs being played to ramp up the audience and to get the adrenaline flowing. But what breaks up this linked mayhem is the track, “No More You” which is placed between both tracks. It starts off with a funk like bass tone accompanied with the drums that mimic the groove, add to the concoction the ringing note of the guitars. At the 1:48 mark is where a pit would break out, if this song were to be performed live. “NO MORE YOU” is screamed while the chaos ensues. What surprised me about this track is the capricious shift at 2:10 where the sound of the guitars outputs an ambient, ‘space’ like melody together with the mellow like drum beats, this lasts until the end of the track. Another highlight of this album, is the closing track, “It Never Ends” which probably one of the most experimental songs here (in my opinion that is), it starts off with an infectious groove courtesy of the bass along with the guitar riffs following suit. There also that punk undertone in the song, with the “wooooooooooooooooaaaah” (I mean…come on, you needed at least one ‘woah’). The breakdown at 2:06 which leads into a psychedelic flavor solo and then back into the vocals is strong suit in the album in terms of seamless transitions.

Like I said….I really enjoyed this album, I can also see newcomers to the band (just like me) also taking a liking to this album. It does everything right in terms of aggression and spirit. There is no filler nor any dull point that lags within the album. SHEVILS you just gained a new fan (and I hope you gain countless others into your clan), and best of luck with the other releases. May your journey be most memorable!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Black Ace
2. Miracle Of The Sun
3. Monsters On Tv
4. Scandinavian Death Star
5. No More You
6. Wet Soaking Wet
7. We Failed This World
8. Ride The Flashes
9. Idiot Task Force
10. It Never Ends
Anders Voldrønning - Lead Vocals
Anders Emil Rønning - Drums, Percussion & Backup Vocals
Andreas Andre Myrvold - Guitar & Vocals
Johan Staxrud - Bass, Guitar & Backup Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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