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Shining - 8.5 - Feberdrommar I Vaket Tillstand

8.5 - Feberdrommar I Vaket Tillstand
by Azmo Lozmodial at 26 August 2013, 6:33 PM

The soundtrack of your suicide.

The Swedish masters are back with a new sound, wearing the dress of some old and unreleased tracks, to provide the Black Metal industry with another excellent Black Meta release and to give these unreleased tracks their true value after they got buried behind the new sound that the band created within the last 4 years. Niklas Kvarforth's insanity is still flowing and his musical career is still breathing sins and blasphemy, so prepare yourself to hear this new release that will fill your room with the odors of the unholy suicidal black metal sound.

When I first heard that the Black Metal masters Attila Csihar and Maniac will join this album as guests, the adrenaline in my blood raged like a boiling volcanic wine in the veins, because the brain can't just imagine the combination of sounds of “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” and “Grand Declaration of War” with Kvarforth's visions. The insanity behind this album didn't stop yet, as the band announced that the Black Metal monsters Gaahl and Pehr Larsson will join the release as guests too, so you can now freely add Incipit Satan or Ad “Majorem Sathanas Gloriam” insanity to the combination and let your brain do the calculations. By taking a look at the tracklist, I've recognized only the tracks "Black Industry Misery" and "Through Corridors of Oppression", because I am already familiar with the compilation album “Through Corridors of Oppression” that has been released in 2004, it wasn't hard to memorize this record because it has one of the most sick and disgusting artworks ever for SHINING.

I could also recognize the track "Ett Liv Utan Mening" that has been released in the second full-length album of the band in 2001, and it also has been released as an instrumental track in the compilation album “The Darkroom Sessions” in 2004.  So the Swedish titled tracks "Terres Des Anonymes" and "Szabadulj Meg Onmagadtól" and "Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie" will be the only new tracks of this record, but the remade sound of the other known tracks is also interesting and full of that stinky dark art that you love to hear in every single Black Metal. As a loyal Shining fan, I don't care if the band re-record old tracks or create new tracks in a new album, and all what I care about is the sick and gory efforts that the band provide in the new album to make it sound lightless and sacramental, and Shining somehow always has the ability to provide such feelings in their materials.

When I first heard the first track, the coarse-styled fuzziness of the guitars took me back to the oldest era of SHINING's discography, when the depressive \\ suicidal repetitive riffs were sinking inside a very raw production, with some magical keyboards touches and excellent black vocal performance of Famine (from PESTE NOIRE). One of the best features of the last album “Redefining Darkness” was the ultra-crystallized quality, and though this album has the opposite feature, it's still abyssal and has the ability to reform your realization and take you back to the early DSBM years of SHINING. As the second track starts streaming from the speakers and as Attila's perfect vocals appear, you're love toward this album will increase slowly until you're body gets drenched with the true impure poisonous Black Metal smell, and the old sound of MAYHEM will stain your brain cells immediately. Why do I consider this album so special? Well, there are many reasons, such as deadly need for such Black Metal quality in the nowadays Black Metal scene, where most of the black metal bands are trying to sound distinctive by increasing the melodies and by polishing the quality while forgetting about the real unholy materials, seriously who cares about quality when it comes to wicked black metal?

The ravenous production and the agonizing blasphemy is still breathing by the decayed lungs of the Swedish SHINING, so collect the pieces of your body parts and let the sound of this record screw and unscrew deep inside your skull with a spiral thread of unholy Black Metal riffs and frozen production, your rusty hearing abilities will be peeled out by these six tracks. Listen kneel and slit your throat.

4 Star Rating

1. Terres Des Anonymes
2. Szabadulj Meg Onmagadtól
3. Ett Liv Utan Mening
4. Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie
5. Black Industrial Misery
6. Through Corridors Of Oppression
Niklas Kvarforth – Guitars, Vocals
Lars Fredrik Fröislie – Keyboards
Christian Larsson – Guitar

Guest Vocals
Famine, Attila Csihar, Pehr Larsson, Gaahl, Maniac, Niklas Kvarforth
Record Label: Dark Essence Records


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