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Shitfucker – Sex With Dead Body

Sex With Dead Body
by William Travers at 18 May 2020, 8:10 PM

SHITFUCKER… What’s in a name? I’m sure that there are some people out there who would write this group off due to the obscene name and even more classless image. But, and its important to remember this, we are the Heavy Metal community, we are against the grain, within this community you can be who you want to be and can project whatever imagery you so desire without fear of being judged… Or at least that’s the ideal.

With their catalogue extending back to 2005, the Michigan based outfit have experience on their side, a strong social media presence and a large following of fans. “Sex With Dead Body” is their most recent release and as expected it is vulgar, explicit and looks as though it could be good fun, so let’s begin.

The artwork is instantly eye catching due to its obscene nature. With all band members present, albeit one in a rather compromising pose… Thankfully the copy I received did cover said members dignity and I will not be having nightmares about it in the coming weeks.

The album intro is very Techno, with synths and a sense of foreboding it would not have been amiss in an 80’s B thriller. This comes before flying in hammer and tongs into “Stab The Head” fast paced and energetic, almost like a heavier version of WEDNESDAY 13, a intricate solo, vocal layering and a relentless driving drum line give depth to the music that I could only describe as a hybrid between Death Metal, Punk and Horror.

“Sex With Dead Bodies” opens with a vocal line that states that its ‘quite disturbing’ when people have sex with dead bodies… Thank you SHITFUCKER I’m not too sure the listeners would have come to that conclusion on their own… The song then continues with the high energy feel that has become an apparent theme already.

Continuing on with the horror and shock theme “Serial Killer” opens with a recorded phone call that is quite disturbing. The music is again relentlessly fast paced and aggressive, pounding drums and dissonant guitar riffs and runs add to the disturbing atmosphere created at the beginning.

The heaviest so far on the album “Divinating Death” leans more towards a Death Metal style of track but it has a serious groovy undertone created by the guitars and bass working in harmony. The electric energy created throughout the album is still unwavering driving everything forwards at a rate of knots. One simply cannot help but want to move to the music.

Continuing with the groovy feel we come to “Touch Me I’ll Scream” with the guitars and bass once again working in unison to create a catchy riff, the drum line is bouncing with some excellent fills. Whilst the music is heavy it flows really well and has a more almost laid-back Blues feel to this track. This flows seamlessly into the outro which again is quite Techno heavy, with synths leading the way, again this creates a sense of dread in the listener with disturbing sounds and dissonant notes.

Overall, I would say that this is a good album, my only gripe would be I thought the production was quite sub-par, however I am unsure as to whether this was done for effect. Whilst SHITFUCKER have described themselves as ‘Black/Death/Thrash metal with some Punk influences’ I would personally bracket them within the Horror genre, lining up alongside the likes of ROB ZOMBIE, MURDERDOLLS and WEDNESDAY 13. The tracks didn’t seem to fit the bill for the other genres, and whilst it is heavier than most others within Horror, it is very good. To prospective new listeners, give them a go, they are a good band that one should not just write off, I am glad that I didn’t.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Naked Came The Strangler (Intro)
2. Stab The Head
3. Ricky’s Dead
4. Sex With Dead Bodies
5. Leather Lady Lover
6. Serial Killer
7. Skitzoid
8. Divinating Death
9. Splatter Master
10. Touch Me I’ll Scream
11. Naked Came The Strangler (Outro)
Demonbitch – Bass/Vocals
Zykion-T – Guitar
Python - Drums
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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