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Shores Of Null - Black Drapes For Tomorrow Award winner

Shores Of Null
Black Drapes For Tomorrow
by Jussi Gough at 19 June 2017, 10:36 AM

Melancholy doomsters of atmospheric metal SHORES OF NULL bestow you their latest second full length release titled Black Drapes For Tomorrow by none other than Candlelight Records. A label that brings the best of the best of artists showcasing brutally crafted music to which brings us here in the present to find out what SHORES OF NULL is all about. Hailing from Italy, the band has been around since 2013 perfecting their  sound all while taking in the mental emotional landscapes of inspiration to what makes them a unparalleled unit. Would have to call them a force per-say due to their various lyrical environments they touch upon such as darkness, death, life and sorrow but just listening to them there is something more substantial to them that meets the eye. One can call it musical visual art that paints itself in your thoughts creating whatever stories, thoughts, or just mere words that are etched into your being. This album breathes life into itself that plunges into your heart and tearfully willing, steals your soul.

Taking you by your hand and leading you down the corridor of mournful secrets you hear the whispers of longing expressing itself through what can be a bittersweet melody of first track instrumental “Tributary Waters”. Moderate guitar structures playing an continual rhythm of melodic chords flowing effortlessly with the grave drumming that hums gently. Such a delicious feeling it gives to the listener for it embraces the senses begging for more leads you down to song three “Tide Against Us”. Darkness torments the spirit for it cries out into the universal realm of internal chaos which the passionate guitars play like a seductive dance with the drumbeats keeping the form to which blends accordingly. Frontman Davide Straccione combines affective vocals that range between dark (intense) and light (clean) which is refreshing for the somber singing cuts to the heartfelt core. Showing you the contrast track five “Black Drapes For Tomorrow” has a soft touch of dark metal mixed with atmospheric black that has it's own character that is shrouded with expressive rhythms (bass & drums) and melodic intense guitars.

Reflectively pondering what makes this band tick musically there are a wide range of styles that can be heard but solely the band is in a league of their own. There are times when one can sense fragments of DESIRE (Locus Horrendus: The Night Cries Of A Sullen Soul-02), MANDRAKE (Calm The Seas-03), EBOLA JOY (Sitra Achra-03) with a dash of WOODS OF YPRES. Regardless of the comparisons SHORES OF NULL share a dismal of eclectic tastes that wins over. Overall Black Drapes For Tomorrow is an impressive piece that captures poignant awareness wonderfully both lyrically and musically. Beautifully well done!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Tributary Waters (Instrumental)
2. Donau
3. Tide Against Us
4. House Of Cries
5. Black Drapes For Tomorrow
6. The Enemy Within (Instrumental)
7. Carry On, My Tiny Hope
8. We Ain't Ashes
9. A Thousand Storms
10. The Kolyma Route
11. Death Of A River (Instrumental)
Davide Straccione - Vocals
Gabriele Giaccari - Guitar (live backing vocals)
Raffaele Colace - Guitar (live backing growls)
Matteo Capozucca - Bass (live backing screams)
Emiliano Cantiano - Drums
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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