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Shotgun Sawyer – Bury The Hatchet Award winner

Shotgun Sawyer
Bury The Hatchet
by Dave Nowels at 28 May 2019, 6:05 PM

Opening with some LED ZEPPELIN riff swagger with “Ain't  Tryin To Go Down Slow”, it becomes apparent rather quickly that we're headed down a road potholed with nostalgia. SHOTGUN SAWYER'S “Bury The Hatchet” is a deceptively interesting release, one that combines a compelling mixture of Delta blues often accentuated (but not always) in the 60's British style of the bands (ZEPPELIN, STONES, CREAM etc) that shamelessly ripped off those musicians. Admittedly, my first inclination was to be utterly dismissive and simply say nothing interesting was happening here. Thankfully, I gave this album a chance, and dammit, you need to as well. It's too good not too.

“Ain't Tryin To Go Down Slow” and “(Let Me) Take You Home” both rely heavily on Jimmy Page like guitar stylings, which Jarman expertly conveys. But the minute “Backwoods Bear” opens with it's bluesy acoustic opening, things got real interesting, real fast. The ZEPPELIN influence is easily the most prominent, but it's never overbearing. Jarman's guitar work covers a plethora of influences and his vocals really pull these songs together. The vocals are raw, and emotive. More than once, they reminded me of Jack White. As a band, Sanders and Lee round out this up and coming power trio quite well. It's obvious there's some good chemistry happening here. It sounds like it, and more importantly, it feels like it.

Several tracks stood out as highlights. Top of that list for me was “Love You Right”, which somehow at times evoked a BEATLES-esque feel, with a hint of jazz brewing just under the surface. “When The Sun Breaks” is slow, gritty and smokey, a perfect combination. “Shallow Grave” closes the album out with perhaps the dirtiest Delta/Psych endeavor I've heard in some time. Alternating from some early and late slide work, Jarman's main riff here sounds dangerous, both grisly and intoxicating.

“Bury The Hatchet” is a very impressive release that I hope gets some attention. There's not really much in the way of groundbreaking here, but what these boys do is imaginative, fresh and fun. SHOTGUN SAWYER isn't your typical smother you in riffs and fuzz kind of band. There's a more substantial element at play here, a kind of understanding. Influences are important, but authenticity  even more-so. With “Bury The Hatchet”, SHOTGUN SAWYER have captured that elusive authenticity.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 7




4 Star Rating

1. Ain't Tryin To Go Down Slow
2. (Let Me) Take You Home
3. Backwoods Bear
4. You Got To Run
5. Son Of The Morning
6. Hombre
7. Love You Right
8. When The Sun Breaks
9. Shallow Grave
Brett (The Butcher) Sanders – Bass
Dylan Jarman – Vocals and Guitar
David Lee – Percussion
Record Label: Ripple Music


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