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Show-Ya - Showdown

by Craig Rider at 15 November 2021, 6:56 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SHOW-YA; signed via Metalville Records, hailing from Japanese grounds - performing Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, on their 15th Full-length album entitled: “Showdown” (released August 30th, 2021). Since formation in 1981; the quintet in question have a career running milestone with 15 Singles, 10 Compilations; 12 Videos, 2 Live Albums; 2 Splits, 1 Split Video & 1 Boxed Set amongst 15 Full-length albums in their discography so far. I’m introduced to their 15th album entitled: “Showdown”, 11 tracks ranging at around 50:04; SHOW-YA arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Heavy Metal/Hard Rock amalgamations.

Opening up with this blistering, barrage frenzy in clobbering adrenaline and amplified harmony "Eye To Eye'' surges with melodic but bulldozing grinds in which revel with riveting virtuosity on quintessential remedy that showcases synergetic substance & organic tempos. Piledriving with rampantly rompy manifestations; hammering drummer Miki "Mittan" Tsunoda most notably smacks the set with stampy yet steely precision, slamming with rambunctiously boisterous bounciness while throttling speakers with euphonic fretwork assaults from rifting, maelstrom guitar attacker Miki "Sun-go" Igarashi. The riff trailblazes with rip-roaring shreds, rapidly swift nimbleness & wildly rushing swerves of sturdy thuds that supply uniquely versatile vehemence profusely yet robustly to boot.

"Never" starts off with these epic keyboardist hymns from Miki "Captain" Nakamura, as hints of vibrantly potent snappiness merges synthesized mellow while speedy solos shows off their meticulous prowess on slaying hooks and piercing zest that ramifies with solid, plus orchestral panache. Enforcing an impactfully immersive chiseling, attributing concretely gritty heft with sulfurous rhythms that thunder with razor-sharp èclat and sonically seamless stability. "Heavy Metal Feminity" is like the outrè anthem for all female fans of Heavy Metal; which is a lot more diverse and dynamic, executing an adroit aesthetic in injecting infectiously dexterous equalities from audible bassist Satomi Senba who thumps the axe with killer pulsations while frolicking chugs flicker with rumbling reverberation & trembling perseverance to boot. A Japanese tribute to DORO for sure, (which actually features Doro Pesch herself) this isn't BABY METAL but the Japanese counterpart from the German Queen of Metal - respectively of course - which best describes this record; I feel.

"Tokyo, I Scream" elements an intriguing implementation to that of BABY METAL marvels while those spellbinding vocals from consisting front man Keiko Terada who yells with rawly rough cords, chiming out with tight yells & shouty singing throatiness where weighty pipes shine with distinctively distinguished screams too. Another Heavy Metal tribute while symphonic ethereality enraptures an enlightening expertise on tuneful contrasts in which venomously portrays with ambient instrumentation & dreamy calamities in an enriching formulaic that's rather mesmerising to listen to. "Kiss In The Riot" is like a nod to the kings of glam: KISS, where jumpy punchiness hybridly experiments with majestic yet rocking prominence - synergistically and energetically.

The vocals sound like a cumulative fusion to that of Doro Pesch as I advance to "Wind" & the mighty "Thunder", as choppy crunchiness and mythical monarchs of rollicking skill converges complex craftsmanship agility while relentless yet prodigiously prestigious sweeps systematically towers with salubriously creative entrance that will materialise this otherworldly sensation of diligently detailed Heavy Metal/Hard Rock outbursts. "Showdown" is an enjoyably fun listen so far, full of frenetic archetypes in archaic but fashionable songwriting musicianship that gets a lot of praise from yours truly - remarkable yet interesting compositions even from an empowering embodiment of their 35th band anniversary promises utmost fulfillment for fans of SHOW-YA or newcomers looking for a refreshing take on these genres - an immersive listen which surely will please you.

"Hold Me" is one of those tranquil performances that portrays vast yet wide varieties of musical qualities, where a broad perspective smears through with dazzling and hypnotic juxtapositions with some nice tempo changes, similarly profound in the lofty "Don't Runaway" and banging penultimate rocker "Rocks". While the overall concluding epic "So" has an acoustic finish, an epic singsong has a feel-good incentive embroidered into it. It's got a sublime yet western leap to it, it's one of those songs that will beg lighters be waived towards the sky with this unison of passionate emotion and ambitious but adventurous rendition that reflects on the band's longevity towards the spectrum of the Rock/Metal conundrum, elegantly.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that SHOW-YA most surely offered an exquisite deliverance on some constructively dramatic representations on Heavy Metal/Hard Rock ardour in which most definitely deserves listening to at least once. Certainly outdoing themselves here, "Showdown" may not win record of the year yet still remains to be pursued with striking renditions that give an honourable esteem to them for now. Worthy of spinning and discovering however if you're fans of the aforementioned bands in this review at least, check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Eye To Eye
2. Never
3. Heavy Metal Feminity
4. Tokyo, I Scream
5. Kiss In The Riot
6. Wind
7. Thunder
8. Hold Me
9. Don’t Runaway
10. Rocks
11. So…
Keiko Terada - Lead Vocals
Miki "Sun-go" Igarashi - Guitar
Miki "Captain" Nakamura - Keyboards
Satomi Senba - Bass
Miki "Mittan" Tsunoda – Drums
Record Label: Metalville


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