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Shrieking Demons - Diabolical Regurgitations

Shrieking Demons
Diabolical Regurgitations
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 September 2021, 12:45 PM

Due some a lack of info today, people think that Death Metal history is a bed of roses. And it’s not, in reality. After the boiling cauldron of the first half of the 80’s created conditions for the birth of the genre, when bands as DEATH, POSSESSED, DEATHSTRIKE (one of the early incarnations of MASTER), MASSACRE and others were expanding the limits of musical brutality, many bands left Death Metal to become Thrash Metal acts, what made the entire genre be drown into the deeper depths of underground. It happened due the coming of the commercial success of Thrash Metal in 1986. But the genre was kept alive, and came back with full force after the coming of the Second Wave releases of the genre. And such golden days are the source of inspiration for many, even today, as the Italian trio SHRIEKING DEMONS, as can be heard on their first release, “Diabolical Regurgitations”.

Their music is not so hard to be defined by words: the old and good format of Death Metal from the early years of the 90’s, influenced by names as DEATH, POSSESSED, some traces from HYPOCRISY on “Penetralia” days, and something inherited from British Death Metal. So don’t expect extreme tempos, but something that sounds raw, simple and with the nasty hooks of the genre. What a fan of the genre can expect of a good release. It’s obvious that the trio’s music isn’t new at all and needs some improvements in the future, but they’re on the right path. The sonority given to “Diabolical Regurgitations” tries to emulate what was done in the past, combining the filthy and organic feeling from the 90’s with a dose of modern definition (let’s be honest: just a few bands today record on analogic devices, and it’s truly expensive to do so). It could be better, but it’s not as bad as one can think.

“Water Drop Torture” (that begins slow and putrid, then accelerates in a point, showing nasty guitar riffs and solos, and in some parts shows how BLACK SABBATH is an important influence for Death Metal due the morbid ambiences), “Hidden Cathedral of Diseases” (a song with a bit more fast tempos, with a solid and simple approach of bass guitar and drums on the rhythms, similar to what CELTIC FROST used to do in the past), “Unspeakable Rites” (morbid and funereal in the first parts, nasty and fast on the second, with good vocals influences by L. G. Petrov), and “Whispering Corridors” are good songs for a beginner band, of course. But they show potential to be sharp in a better way in the future.

SHRIEKING DEMONS can be said as a band with potential, “Diabolical Regurgitations”, but they still have to work on a better form to be out of the flood of many bands that are doing the same thing they are.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Water Drop Torture
2. Hidden Cathedral of Diseases
3. Unspeakable Rites
4. Whispering Corridors
Gabri - Vocals
Giorgio - Guitars, Bass
David - Drums
Record Label: Caligari Records


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