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Shuyet – Shuyet

by Ben Gardiner at 26 October 2021, 10:00 PM

Egyptian Black Metal that explores ancient ideologies through dark, aggressive and atmosphere drenched Black Metal, SHUYET dedicates a three song EP to introspection, searching for oneself through ancient Egyptian knowledge of the soul and its nine parts. SHUYET, the album title and band name, meaning “the shadow,” is highly suggestive of the dark and brooding music they have to offer.

Track one, “Hypostatic Advocations,” opens with the classic droning wind sounds Black Metal fans all know and love, before formidable whispering integrates itself into the atmosphere. The hushed vocals are fearsome and spine tingling, a dark precursor of what’s to come, as the next thing we hear is a powerful guitar chord, and four open hi-hat hits to set off the encompassing, unique sludgy black Metal sound. The instruments feel sluggish to start off, listening to it feels like wading through thick grot. The vocals begin as deep roaring and impressive screams, and taking up more pained, high pitched screeches. The drums and guitar work as one, never dominating each other, when the guitar moves into shrill tremolo and the drums are blasting one does not diminish the other, creating the dense tonal effect that follows throughout the EP.

Ta-Tahnet,” opens with immediate blasting, and growling, snarling vocals that are fight through the murky sound to be heard. The un-abating music suddenly drops out and as the growling fades we are treated to an atmospheric orchestral piece, quickly broken up by the return of the blast eats, this time quicker, more agitated than before. At the four-minute mark the guitars create an amazing effect by slowing way down, repeating a chord sequence over and over whilst the drums continue to blast away, made to feel even more leisurely in comparison to the fast tremolo. And the blast beats that accompany it.

A wicked, steady drum beat with its accompanying riff and vocals that set off almost immediately begins the final track, “Herald of Serpentine Truth.” Throughout the song, the drums move through a variety of different blast beats, changing paces and accents accordingly, whilst always returning to that slow, measured groove it begins the song with. The vocals change from deep and aggressive, to more emotive higher pitched screams as the song continues. Halfway through the guitar offers an abrasive melody over a tom drum break, and the vocals become a legible cry. The song end with a two-minute outro sequence of building atmosphere, winds, rain maybe, leaving the listener to brew in the dark ferociousness of the music as it calmly draws to a close.

This EP has an amazing mix which is clear instantly as the first bit of music hits the listener like a truck, ferocious from beginning to end, this is a deeply heavy and dark offering, its only drawback being the short track list. The concept of the album, the instrumentation and vocals are unique and have a lot to offer, making for an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable listen.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  7
Memorability: 8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Hypostatic Advocations
2. Ta-Tahnet
3. Herald of Serpentine Truth
Ta-sert – Drums
Nefer-setekh – Guitar
Am-heh – Guitar, Bass
Record Label: Séance Records


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