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Siberian Tusk - Reapers By Trade

Siberian Tusk
Reapers By Trade
by Metal Wim at 16 June 2022, 10:13 PM

Stoner Rock is one those genres that has had a great deal of brilliant bands come through and prosper, but also a great deal of copy cats that felt like they just had to try and ride the train just to see which cherries they could pick. Thankfully a lot of the bands that try to adhere to this musical style are also trying to be as authentic as possible. But, as everything has been played before, that is not an easy task, so kudos to those who try and succeed in one way or other.

SIBERIAN TUSK is one of the bands that fit into the latter category. Yes, they area typical STONER band, but because they are not afraid to use other musical influences as well, they are creating a sound they can claim as their own. Quite a feat for these Norwegians. Norway is usually associated with a lot heavier stuff then Stoner, but as “Reapers By Trade” showcases, they are as versatile as any other nation.

I don’t know how to describe this, really, but I can only conclude that SIBERIAN TUSK tries to give their brand of music a positive vibe, if you will a smiling face. And they are doing a good job at giving the listener just that. They have not created a new style of music, but have blended Stoner Rock with Melodic Metal and even a little bit of Doom Metal. The latter only in very small doses, as to prevent us from becoming bored or, worse case scenario, fall asleep.

“Reapers By Trade” also is not the album that will set a new trend, or even set the world on fire. This is a very steady and reliable album that will entice the fans of Stoner to listen, but has the ability to make contact with the vast amount of lovers of other heavy music fans that stay away from the extreme ends of the Heavy Metal genre. And I feel that is the right way to go. Now it is just the small question of making the songs on offer sound just a tad more interesting. The music on “Reapers By Trade” is not bad, but needs an influx of interesting soundscapes, extra enticing riffs, but most of all more variety in tempo and speed. When SIBERIAN TUSK succeeds in realising this feat, they will change form an interesting band into one to be reckoned with.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Rich & Poor
2. Goes Around
3. Desert Sun
4. Fucked Up
5. Hung Over
6. Reaper Blues
7. Truth Be Told
8. Two Fast Uppercuts
9. Eternal Bliss
Begil – Vocals/Guitars
Inge Morten – Vocals/Bass
Kent Rune – Guitars
René Well - Drums
Record Label: Hidden Noise Records


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