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Silence The Messenger - Achilles Award winner

Silence The Messenger
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 06 January 2014, 7:40 PM

Although Texas may be famous for country music, cow tipping and banjos, that’s not to say it can’t be a home for ferocious Metal. That is exactly the sentiment conveyed by Death Metal / Hardcore band SILENCE THE MESSENGER. Having put out an EP in 2010, the band recently released their debut full length album “Achilles”, sure to capture the attention of Metal fans worldwide.

The 10-track album opens with an instrumental piece 1 minute in length, entitled “Grim Procession”. The haunting piece features a repeated drum beat by Fernando Lemus, accompanied with orchestral elements, likening it to a film score. The following track, aptly named “Fury”, greets the listener with Steve Tinnon’s vicious vocals, and some awesome duo guitar work by guitarists Paolo Galang and James Lyle. The song has a catchy rhythm, with impressive work by all members. Next up is “Endless Suffering”, another number expressing the band’s mildly displeased temperament, through machine gun drumming, rapid riffs, intense bass work by Jared Jobson, and Tinnon makes his aggression clear with dark growls. “Sirens” has some awesome distorted riffs by Galang and Lyle, and Tinnon shows off his impressive vocal range. Track number 5, “The Great Depths”, has some eerie melodic sounds at the beginning, and contains some awesome breakdowns. The track draws to a close, things quieten down with some mellow drumming.

“Bloodless” is another aggressive one, featuring a range of screams, impressive guitars, drums and bass, with a rhythm you won’t soon forget. The track to follow is super funky, and is guaranteed to inspire you to get up and go. “Harrow” has groovy riffs and doublekick, a killer combination. Things also become melodic about half way through, whilst the vocals remain harsh, creating a cool contrast. “Scavengers” is also really groovy, thanks to the speedy guitars and drums. Pretty much every song is funky, actually. Get ready to mosh. Track 9, “The Nightmare”, is a similar story: fast, fierce, and unforgiving, and perfect for those days when you’ve just had enough. Lastly, SILENCE THE MESSENGER leaves us with the album’s title track, “Achilles”. The final song begins far gently than the previous tracks, with slow guitars juxtaposing the faster drums and malevolent vocals. This trend doesn’t last long; however, as soon the guitars come up to speed.

“Achilles” is an impressive album, and a Metal creation that SILENCE THE MESSENGER should be more than proud of. With relentless riffs, dynamite drums, booming bass and vicious vocals, this album has breakdowns, lyrics and riffs sure to keep you hooked on this band.

4 Star Rating

1. Grim Procession
2. Fury
3. Endless Suffering
4. Sirens
5. The Great Depths
6. Bloodless
7. Harrow
8. Scavengers
9. The Nightmare
10. Achilles
Steve Tinnon - Vocals
Paolo Galang - Guitar
James Lyle - Guitar
Jared Jobson - Bass
Fernando Lemus - Drums
Record Label: Standby Records


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