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Silent Empathy - A Broken Vision

Silent Empathy
A Broken Vision
by Eric "Carnegie" Hall at 23 July 2012, 1:53 PM

There is an inherent risk of trying to evolve past the understood characteristics of any particular genre you are acknowledged to inhabit. Sometimes people claim you’re selling out, others think you found god and can’t do it what you once did. And some just think you are ape shit nuts and leave it at that. SILENT EMPATHY certainly seems to be Death Metal, but it doesn’t simply fall into the shit abyss of clichéd Death Metal everyone (especially me) has heard a billion times before. But is that good?

Yes. It works. Whatever they were going for here, they seemed to pull it off, whatever that was. I liked the album enough to listen to it a second time. That doesn’t (almost never) happen, but it did here. That must mean it’s good, or I’m just crazy.

“A Broken Vision” is chock full of exemplary riffage, exemplary-er lead work, a bass line you can hear, and vocal work that doesn’t completely sound like an indecipherable mess. However, Achilles had a weakness in his small, girlish ankles, and “A Broken Vision” is no different. The vocal work is a mix of the usual Death grunt and a clean, almost monotone vocalist. The pairing doesn’t always work. Sometimes, yes, it works fine. But most of the time it does not mesh at all, like trying to blend chocolate milk with spaghetti. Sure, the two are great alone – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they go together well, especially not at the same time.

However, you don’t review a film based solely on the type font of the end credits, and I can’t just hate something for one error like mismatched vocal work.

I mean, I liked to…

But it wouldn’t be fair. So all things considered, it’s still worth a listen or two. So, don’t listen to me. By all means, read all my work and send me money, but make up your damn mind. I say it’s good.

3 Star Rating

1. Si Vis Pacum, Para Bellum
2. Into the Mouth of the Harlot
3. For the Guest Artist
4. Hourglass Memories
5. A Saga Beyond the Silence
6. Human Weakness
7. No Hope
8. To Never Awake
9. A Nervous Disposition
10. The Hurt Locker
11. Jacobs Ladder
Simon ‘Chalky’ White– Guitar
Michael Trunks– Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jake Hall– Vocals
George Cochrane- Drums
Record Label: Rising Records


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