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Silent Heaven – Temple Of Greed

Silent Heaven
Temple Of Greed
by Joseph Brewer at 22 September 2020, 1:08 AM

Not much is known about Brazilian newcomer, SILENT HEAVEN, other than the fact that on June 24, 2020, they released their debut album “Temple Of Greed”. Cut from a similar cloth as many prominent metal bands out of Brazil, SILENT HEAVEN flexes their eager muscles and delivers a powerful and entertaining collection of songs.

After a quick instrumental intro, the first two songs out of the gate, “Clouds Of Fate” and the title track “Temple Of Greed”, really highlight the core sound of the quintet SILENT HEAVEN. Fast, chugging riffs run rampant with pounding drums to create a full and frantic sound. There are plenty of pace changes that SILENT HEAVEN navigate cleanly, transitioning from fast to deliberate, rough to gentle with ease.

All of this comes together with the impressive performance of vocalist Dan Figueiredo. Throughout the album, he demonstrates an impressive range. Reaching the highest highs on some tracks (check out some impressive falsetto on “Dark Side Of Love”) while also effortlessly crooning in the low to mid ranges throughout the stanzas of several tracks. He often adds flavor to his voice with inflections of grit and twang. There were moments when I could hear similarities between Figueiredo and Zahir Zorgati of MYRATH, who is a favorite vocalist of mine. But those were just positive glimpses, as Figueiredo stands on his own to carry the album in a positive direction.

Promised Land” starts off with a Middle Eastern inspired intro, the sound scratchy and subdued. The hammer then drops and the band kicks in, dropping a heavy melody with a gentle offbeat that combines for a very engaging effect. The chorus is soaring and epic. Overall, this ends up being one of their best songs. Next up is “Sorrow”, which is more of a ballad. While still heavy, the band definitely slows the tempo down and lets things carry a bit more. The chorus is a mournful, regretful affair during which the band moves with Figueiredo to highlight the emotions.

Miracle Of Life” cranks things back up with a lightning quick intro, complete with a top tier wail from Figueiredo. The band continues the punishing melody until the chorus is reached, which has a rough, but sweet quality. Things slow down a bit and are allowed to shine, with special attention being placed on the title phrase, “Miracle Of Life”. Not to be outdone, there is an exceptional solo section after the second chorus. Blistering finger chromatic scales on the guitar continue to add to the frantic pace of this outstanding song.

Temple Of Greed” closes out with a few more tracks, each of which are solid and well worth checking out. (Give “Elderlyland” a listen. Funny title, but a great song with a heavy emphasis on synths.) Overall, this debut by SILENT HEAVEN is a success. Fans of quick, energetic metal are in for a treat, especially those that already have an affinity for that unique Brazilian style.

Favorite Songs: “Dark Side Of Love”, “Miracle Of Life

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Into The Silent Heaven (Intro)
2. Clouds Of Fate
3. Temple Of Greed
4. Dark Side Of Love
5. Promised Land
6. Sorrow
7. Miracle Of Life
8. Stay Away
9. Elderlyland
10. Push Me Down
11. Sonhador
12. Shadows Prevail
Dan Figueiredo - Vocals
Giovanni Moizio - Guitar
Viny Ferrari - Guitar
Clayton Lopes - Bass
Lucas Tagliari - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 23 October 2020

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