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SiliuS – Worship To Extinction

Worship To Extinction
by Thomas Kumke at 08 September 2020, 11:44 AM

SILIUS hailing from Landeck, Austria are a Thrash Metal band and were founded in 2013 by Mario Haui Haueis. Originally playing as five piece band, their sound is influenced by classical Thrash Metal bands like TESTAMENT or EXODUS, and it comes with a large portion of Groove Metal elements. “Worship To Extinction” is their second full-length album and was released by Greek label Rock Of Angel Records. It was recorded and mixed in the Subsoundstation studio by Andreas Reinhart and mixed by Henrik Udd. It has a total length of approximately 45 minutes.

Worship To Extinction” starts off with classic Thrash Metal: fast and aggressive rhythm guitar, crisp and melodic guitar solos, and Matthias Thurner with a lot of anger in his vocals that makes every Thrash Metal fan headbanging. SILIUS add frequently Groove Metal elements to their sound, which makes them a bit different from the classic Thrash Metal bands. “C.U.L.T”, “Horrorscope” and “Abdominate” are good examples how well that works. “Horrorscope” reminds me on a classic EXODUS rhythm with a bit PANTERA added to the mix. The middle part of “Abdominate” is dominated by high-speed guitar riffs and solo. The song was released as video and the Youtube link is given below.

The middle part of the album is dominated by fast and aggressive “kick-in-your-face” songs. “Lesson In Blood” – similarities to the name of an EXODUS classic may be accidental – “Venom Baptism” and “Evil Inside” give some hints to SILIUS favorites: guitar riffs and solos have some similarities to some classic Thrash Metal albums. However, SILIUS understand to add groovy elements to the songs in a way that the whole package sounds great. That might be either very short breaks like in “Lesson In Blood” or longer sequences such as in “Evil Inside”.

The final part of “Worship To Extinction” is a bit groovier with “Death & Glory” and “Drowning”. “Drowning” is slow but heavy and shows that SILIUS are able to produce a more variable sound. It is with more than 6 minutes also the longest song of the album.

Worship To Extinction” is an upgrade compared to the debut album “Hell Awakening”. SILIUS show a more mature sound, improved songwriting and production, and the CD comes with a cool artwork. “Worship To Extinction” is an old school Thrash Metal album with added Groove Metal elements and SILIUS understand how to mix it up to get the most out of their songs. Many songs sound similar though, but this is how Thrash Metal albums work best: guitars played at high-speed, aggressive sound and vocals from the first to the last minute. Thrash Metal fans will like the new release of SILIUS and have something to look forward to when they play their new material live.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Worship
2. C.U.L.T.
3. Horrorscopes
4. Abominate
5. Lesson In Blood
6. Dance On Your Grave
7. Venom Baptism
8. Tripping Balls Out
9. Evil Inside
10. Death & Glory
11. Drowning
Matthias Thurner – Vocals
Mario Haui Haueis – Guitars
Ralph Jurschitsch – Drums
Martin Storch – Bass & Vocals
Record Label: ROAR! Rock of Angels Records


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